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Learn to create a cool Template with PowerPoint 2007 in minutes using a simple technique. Watch and learn from the video tutorial.

The cool PowerPoint template you will learn is:

Curved PowerPoint Template Free Image

Leveraging the power of freeform:
Most presenters are not comfortable working with freeform shapes. This tutorial shows you how easy it is to create some stunning results when you learn the basics of working with freeform shapes.

See the kind of improvisation possible, once you learn to create shapes in PowerPoint:

PowerPoint Curved Design Template

PowerPoint Curved Design Template

Cool Template Design in PowerPoint

Cool Template Design in PowerPoint

Cool Template Design in PowerPoint

Cool Template Design in PowerPoint

You can download 5 of the above stylish curved PowerPoint templates in a zipped file for free here. File Type: pptx.

Download File

You can also consider registering for our free 5 day e-course on Creative Presentation ideas. The course teaches you 29 creative ways to convey your message more effectively using PowerPoint.

If you want to learn the technique to create templates like the ones you saw above, watch this video tutorial:

Click on PLAY to View Video Tutorial on Creating Cool PowerPoint Shape. The video has voice over.

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Here are the steps for your quick reference:
1. Draw a rectangle along the top edge of the slide

2. Go to Format -> Edit Shape -> Convert to Freeform

3. Right click on the shape and select Edit points

4. Choose a point along the bottom edge of the shape and select ‘Add point’

5. Click on the point and pull the left handle in the upward direction to the extent desired

6. Move the right handle down to create a seamless curve

7. Click on the bottom right corner point and pull the left handle down till you get a nice wave shape

8. Copy the shape and slightly stretch the shape vertically. Send the shape back

9. Fill the shape with Gradient fill -> Preset Colors -> Chrome II

10. Change the Direction of the Gradient to Radial

11. Remove the outline for both the shapes. Your design is ready

There is no ‘one right way’ to create these designs. Keep experimenting till you feel happy with the result. The more you practice, the better you get.


There are a number of PowerPoint tutorials in this website that help you create remarkable presentations. Please go through them and take your PowerPoint presentations to the next level.

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