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Find useful chart ideas to compare performance of two products in PowerPoint. Get inspired to use the ideas in your next business presentation.

Comparing performance of two products:

In business presentations it is common to compare performance of two products over time. The default option is to use line chart. In this article we will show you some interesting alternatives that are visually appealing. You can use the ideas in your next data presentation.

Side by side comparison:

Sometimes it is visually more appealing to use two bar charts side by side than to use the same old line chart option. Take a look at the following chart template for example:

PowerPoint Chart Ideas for Products

Source: Product Performance Comparison Charts from Graphs Pack

We used clustered bar chart with a dummy series in the middle to keep the starting point same for the second product. Since this is a chart template you can update values for your two products. The dummy series is calculated automatically with a simple formula.

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Using Jaws chart:

A useful variation of the above template is - ‘Jaws chart’. Take a look at the following chart template to understand why the chart is given the name:

PowerPoint Jaws Chart

The two columns are positioned to make the chart look like two sets of teeth in open jaws. We used clustered column chart with a dummy series in the middle to ensure that the second product ends at the same position. Like in the previous example, the dummy series is auto calculated with a simple formula. Though the idea of using a dummy series is simple, the resulting charts are definitely worth noticing.

If you are someone who believes strictly in traditional ways and want to use line chart to show performance comparison over time, we have an interesting alternative. Take a look at this line chart template:

Creative PowerPoint chart Idea

Source: Product Performance Comparison Charts from Graphs Pack

The line chart above shows comparison of our product versus our competitor product. The red arrows show negative gaps, i.e. the period where our performance was poorer than the competition. The green arrows show positive gaps, i.e. the period where we performed better than the competition. We created these arrows using ‘Up/Down bars’ under Format ribbon. This chart provides more information than a traditional line chart.

Thus, with a few simple adjustments and tweaks it is possible to make ordinary charts remarkable and add useful insights to the charts.

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More PowerPoint Chart Ideas for business presenters:

Not everyone is comfortable creating dummy series and using up/down bars to add insights to charts. It takes a lot of time and effort to experiment with various options available in the software to extract maximum value and get creative PowerPoint chart ideas. Most business presenters don’t have the time to play with the options. So, they end up settling for ‘ordinary and boring’ charts that are easily ignored by audience.

That is why we came up with our Visual Graphs Pack for PowerPoint. The pack has more than 320 business relevant chart templates that address every business need imaginable. In fact, all the chart templates you saw in this article are taken from the pack.

Here are some interesting charts for comparison from the Pack:

Percentage Completion Charts

Chart Showing Percentage Completed

Data-Driven Percentage Completion Dials

Chart Showing Percentage Completion Dial

We have done all the hard work of formatting the charts. To edit the charts, right click on the chart and choose ‘Edit data’. A worksheet opens up. Replace the sample data in yellow cells with your own data. The charts update themselves automatically. Creating stunning charts has never been easier or faster than this. You can take a look at the demo page to see how easy it is to edit these chart templates .

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