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 Circular Pyramidrnav-circular-pyramid-powerpoint1 Spirographrnav-spirograph-in-powerpoint Marketing Templatesrnav-marketing-powerpoint-templates


Tutorials to Create Stunning Diagrams


3D Arrows in PowerPoint


7S Model


Hierarchy Chart


Process Diagrams

Process Diagram

SmartArt Timelines

SmartArt Timeline

3D Radial DiagramRadial Diagram

Spoke Diagram

Spoke Diagram Template using SmartArt

Cycle Diagram

Cycle Diagram

Five Forces Model PPT

Five Forces Model PPT

Text to Smart Graphics

List to Smart Graphics

Combining Graphics

Combine SmartArt Graphics

Smart-Art Makeover

Dramatic Smartart Graphics

 Circular Arrows in PPT
Circular Arrows in PowerPoint
Logo with 2010

Creative Tips

6 SmartArt Tricks

6 SmartArt Tricks

Issue with Photos

Photos in SmartArt

3D SmartArt Graphics

Apply 3d to Smartart Graphics in PowerPoint

Stunning SmartArt Features

Features You Never Knew

Creative SmartArt Graphic Ideas

3 Creative Graphics

Creating Stunning Graphics

Stunning SmartArt Graphics

3 Hidden Capabilities of the toolHidden SmartArt Capabilities Brainstorm with Hierarchy ToolBrainstorm with Hierarchy Tool Wrong Use of SmartArt GraphicsWrong SmartArt Use
Use SmartArt with PurposeUsing Graphics with Purpose

About Smart Art

Smart Art is an inbuilt tool in PowerPoint. It provides an instant solution for presenters to convert their text into graphics.

However since it is such an easy option, many presenters just use the feature as is, without much thought.

This leads to some common issues like:

  • The standard diagrams are used too often. Therefore, your audience feels bored to view the presentations. They may feel you have nothing new to say.
  • Since it is so easy to convert to graphics, presenters use it as a shortcut. They forget to check if the graphic they are using are really relevant to what they are saying.

We try to solve these issues in the series of articles in this section.There are a number of articles covering how to make the diagram you want from the existing inbuilt graphics. We also cover some of the common wrong uses and the method to use the tool with purpose.

Don’t settle for the default look of the diagram. Make subtle variations to make your diagrams unique and interesting. Create an impact on your business audience with these useful tips.

Next, about the…

Tutorials Section:

PowerPoint Tools are far smarter than you imagine. Discover many of the lesser known features of the tool that can surprise your audience. These features make it possible to create almost any diagram you want. In the tutorials section we cover some interesting features like:

  • How to make over diagrams in 3D
  • How to change shape and modify the base diagrams to create on customized to a presentation
  • How to add color, bevels and other professional features to your Smart-art.
  • How to resolve some common issues like inserting photos into the graphics.

Learn some exciting new ways to convey your ideas using inbuilt tools in PowerPoint. The usual diagrams are cliched, so this section provides many ways to add some insights.

To conclude…

The power of SmartArt depends on the way you use it. Don’t settle for the default template for your diagrams. Play with the options till you are satisfied with the result. Your effort will be worth it.


Alternating Flow Diagram
Alternating Hexagon Diagram
Using Images in SmartArt
 Bending Processrnav-smartart-bending-process-video  Checklistrnav-powerpoint-smartart-checklist-video  Family Treernav-smartart-family-tree-video
 Detailed Processrnav-smartart-detailed-process-chart  Beyond SmartArtrnav-beyond-smartart-video  3D in SmartArtrnav-3d-smartart-video
 Grouped Listrnav-smartart-grouped-list-video  Arrowspowerpoint-smartart-arrows-video  Marketing Mixrnav-smartartmarketing-mix-video
 SmartArt Tipsrnav-smartart-tips-video  Common Mistakernav-smartart-mistake-video  Using Animationrnav-smartart-animation-video
 Process Flowrnav-memorable-process-diagram-smartart-video  Funnelsrnav-smartart-funnel-video  Project Timelinernav-smartart-project-timeline-videol
 Pyramidrnav-smartart-pyramid  Disc Profilernav-smartart-disc-profile-video  Waterfall Modelrnav-smartart-waterfall-model-video
 3D Hierarchyrnav-smartart-3d-hierarchy-video  Table Listrnav-smartart-table-list-video  Core Diagramrnav-smartart-core-diagram-video
 Radial Diagramrnav-smartart-radial-video  Graphics to Avoidrnav-smartart-graphics-video  Icons for Smartartrnav-powerpoint-icons-video
 Pictures Issuernav-smartart-pictures-video  Circular Arrowsrnav-smartart-circular-arrows-video  3D Vennrnav-smartart-venn-diagram-video
 3D Stepsrnav-smartart-3d-steps-video  3D Targetrnav-smartart-3d-target-video  3D Circular Pyramidrnav-smartart-circle-pyramid-video

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