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We are Ramgopal & Arte, a husband and wife team. Welcome to Presentation Process!
If you are a presenter, and looking to make your slides professional & beautiful - fast, you are in the right place. We share creative ideas to makeover presentations fast.
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I send your emails to my entire staff, as a professional development tutorial for them. And they love them!  Thanks for sharing your knowledge, it’s a great help for those who can’t stand death by PowerPoint.

Jef Gray

Wow thanks so much. Starting a week with your emails in my mailbox makes me smile. Am trying each and every trick your are teaching me and for real it makes my PowerPoint skill advanced. Thanks so much!

S. Kariuki

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Thank you for your YouTube videos! I looked at the video about creating a title slide. In it, you provided an example of using the logo as the watermark in the background with a horizontal bar of color that highlighted the title. 2 hours after looking at that video, I used your instructions to modify a slide at work. My boss LOVED IT! My boss's boss LOVED IT!

I'm now taking two of your courses on Udemy. Thanks again!


​I've followed your PowerPoint tutorials and love the way the content is presented, specially pace, clarity and the style. I work as a free lance T​V.trainer and consultant on sound studio construction techniques. Regards and best wishes to both,


I have subscribed to your link, I have watched all of your videos on you tube, I am absolutely blown away by your creativity and the way you walk people through step by step. I have been very very impressed and have told many of my friends about your work. Great job!

R. Rollins

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