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We are Ramgopal & Arte, a husband and wife team. Welcome to Presentation Process!
If you are a presenter, and looking to make your slides professional & beautiful - fast, you are in the right place. We share creative ideas to makeover presentations fast.
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Your email is very compelling and on point. I am in the healthcare field and constantly strive to improve my choice of images, animations and slide design. Your programs have made it exciting to transition content into visuals. I continue to grow, to learn and hopefully improve.  Nathalie G, PT, Subscriber & Customer

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Helped organize my information

Hi! I am profoundly grateful for your templates and diagrams and I use them a lot in my health seminaries: my audience is always impressed, especially kids and Youngs. Working with Diagrams helped me improve and organize better my information.

Krunal Shah, Chemistry Expert, Green Chemistry Institute

Brought uniqueness in my work!

Its an amazing experience. The course (Ramgopal's PowerPoint Mastery) provide me speed, strength and uniqueness in my work. I have received a good response from my students and their parents.

Hemant D, Head of IT, Automotive Industry, U.S.

Cuts down on creation time

I use these fabulous templates (Comprehensive All In One Bundle) for various executive presentations I have to make from time to time. Helps my thought processes going and also wows the audience and cuts down on time in creating the decks.

Barbara Lomonaco, Deputy Head Logistics & Outsourced Service, Europrogetti & Finanza

Reduced my stress!

Since a long time I needed a similar support. I constantly work with Top Management that is really very demanding and asks quick and detailed feedbacks. I got crazy with ppt and I was stressed so this solution helped me a lot. NOW I feel more confident to fulfill my duties in time and in a very professional manner.


Such a joy to be creative

My name ist Bijou! I am a Gestalt psychologist for children and youth and an instructor for psychology at the university.- I am so glad, that I found you both.- I just create instructional videos for students and it is such a joy for me..to be creative ....and to use all this tools. It is really wonderful....THANK YOU ...THANK YOU THANK YOU