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10 MS Word Tips & Tricks You Didn’t Know

Learn 5 MS Word Tips you didn't know! Get comfortable working with Microsoft Word and avoid common frustrations with these tips.

What this video covers: 

  • How to remove the frustrating line created by Word
  • Know the complexity of your text (Readability Statistics)
  • Change the Default Font of your document
  • Make Landscape and Portrait pages in same document
  • How to add serial numbers to your tables easily
Find 5 more Microsoft Word tricks you didn't know to use Word more efficiently. Contents of the video 
  • Tip#1 - How to Read more efficiently with Read Mode 
  • Tip#2 - How to Compare documents by viewing them side by side 
  • Tip#3 - How to lock with Password and allow only comments 
  • Tip#4 - How to Add watermark to your documents 
  • Tip#5 - Brainstorm effectively with Outline view

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