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20-Minute Beginners Guide to PowerPoint

Get started with PowerPoint for Beginners. Follow this 20-Minute step by step Beginners Guide to PowerPoint and start creating presentations confidently.

Contents of this video tutorial: 

00:00 Introduction

00:55 How to open PowerPoint

01:47 How to Use PowerPoint Templates to get started

02:41 How to Open a Blank Presentation

03:07 Pin Program to Taskbar

03:40 How to Save Your PowerPoint Presentation

04:55 Key Terms You Should Know 

06:10 Creating slides easily

06:51 Apply professional design to slides quickly

07:35 Finding Design Theme Variants

08:03 Ways to add a new slide

08:24 Find Dropdown Menu with additional options

09:33 Add Presentation Title and content

10:23 Use SmartArt Diagrams to makeover slides quickly

11:15 Apply different slide layouts

11:38 Different Ways to Insert Pictures

12:35 How to Resize Pictures

12:50 How to Add Textboxes

13:12 How to Change Font style and Font size

14:12 Copy and paste elements easily

15:10 Presenting slides with Slideshow

16:15 Navigating in Slideshow mode

17:00 Return to Normal View

17:13 How to Add Animations

18:40 Add Transition across slides

If you are looking for a structured program to get started with PowerPoint, do check our PowerPoint Foundation Course.

The course includes 13.5 Hours of step by step tutorial videos, quizzes to check understanding, short assignments and a certificate of completion. 

Hope you found this tutorial useful to refresh your PowerPoint knowledge and get started using PowerPoint more confidently. Do check our other tutorials on this website.

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