3 Must Watch Videos On How To Customize PowerPoint Animation Templates

anim-templates-video-icon These step-by-step screencast videos have been recorded to help you use PowerPoint templates with custom animations effectively in your presentations. Here are 3 Must Watch Videos to make the best of your templates:

Video #1 : Basics of customizing animation templates

– How to replace the dummy text in the templates

– Remove or replace the background

– Add 3D to your templates in a jiffy

– How to use colors and shape change to completely customize the templates

Video #2 : How to replace pictures without losing animation

This is one of the most common issues. If you delete the placeholder pictures and replace it with your own, you lose the animations. This video shows a simple way to overcome this problem.

Video #3 : How to Get EVEN MORE from your animated templates

This one simple tool allows you to save time. Reuse the animations already created and apply them to any other element, text or shape to create engaging presentations faster!

All the templates showcased in this video are from the Advanced Animations Pack. The pack has 750+ PowerPoint slides with animations already applied so you save hours of struggling with animations in PowerPoint. Just copy and paste & customize with these videos to get going! Click on the image below to preview the animations and find options to download them!

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