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3 Ways to Protect Excel Files

Find 3 Ways to Protect Excel Files and keep your sensitive data safe. Learn how to protect your sheet, specific cells or the entire file with passwords.

#1: Protect Excel File from Opening

Learn how to restrict access to your sensitive information with a password. Learn also how to remove the password restriction.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. How to save your file and protect with password
2. Precautions to take when adding a password
3. How to remove the password or unprotect Excel sheet
4. Protecting file from modification

#2 : Protect Excel Sheet from Viewing

Learn how to protect sensitive information in a sheet with a password. Hide one or sheets in your workbook with this method.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. Hidden sheets can be easily viewed. So what it the way to protect sheets from viewing?
2. Learn how to add a password to that just the sensitive sheet is protected.
3. The sheet can be viewed by anyone who has the right password.
Note: This is not a foolproof method and these passwords can be cracked. So don't use this method for true protection. 

#3: Protect Specific Cells

Learn how to lock specific cells & the sheet that contains information like formula or form labels so others cannot edit it.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:

1. Add a password to specific cells to prevent editing by others
2. How to unlock cells so that cells, where changes can be made, are indicated. By default all cells are locked.
3. Trick to Unlock entire sheet quickly

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