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Learn to create 3D pushpin easily. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful diagram for your business presentations.

The 3D pushpin in PowerPoint you will learn is:

3D pushpin in PowerPoint y

You can use this diagram to:

  • Mark places on a map
  • Mark events along a timeline
  • Draw attention to a certain part of a graphic etc.

The uses of the graphic are limited only by your imagination. Let us learn to create the graphic from scratch.

Step 1: Draw a circle

Go to auto shapes menu and pick the oval tool to create a perfect circle while holding the ‘Shift’ tab.
Circle Base for Pushpin

Step 2: Give 3D perspective to the circle

Right click on the circle and go to ‘Format shape’ dialog box. Under 3D rotation option choose the preset called ‘Off axis 1 top’ as shown below.

3D perspective to the circle

Step 3: Add bevel preset to bottom surface

Go to 3D format tab and add a preset called ‘Convex’ to ‘Bottom’ surface to create a 3D Circle:

Bevel to Pin Surface Add a width of 25 pts, height of 50 pts and a depth of 10 pts to get the following result:

Width and Height to Pin Now, we have the head of the pin. The next step is to create the pointer of the pin.

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Step 4: Create the pointer

Once again use ‘oval’ tool from auto shapes menu to create a small circle. Right click on the circle and go to ‘Format shape’. Apply ‘off axis 1 top’ preset from 3d rotation option.

Create Pointer Add Width = 20 pts and Height = 200 pts to the ‘Bottom’ surface of the circle. You will get the pointer shape for the pin:

Depth to Pointer When you place the pointer tip behind the head of the pin, you get the 3D pushpin in PowerPoint as shown below:

Final 3D pushpin in PowerPoint Related: 3D PowerPoint Cone Tutorial

Variations of the pin:

We wish to show you some interesting variations of the pushpin diagram taken from the Timeline Templates sectionof PowerPoint Concepts and Graphics CEO Pack vol.2 .

We added text to the head of the pin in the following diagram template:

3D Timeline with Pushpin Callouts from CEO Pack 2 We added bevel to 2D pushpins in the following timeline template:

2D Pushpin for Stages You can also use small flags as pointers as shown in the following diagram template:

PowerPoint Template with Flags as Points from CEO pack 2 Sometimes simple callouts serve to point events along a timeline as shown below:

Simple PowerPoint timeline with callouts from CEO pack 2 Professional looking graphics like the ones you saw in this article make your business slides memorable.

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