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Animated PowerPoint Graphics: Picture Effects

Part of: 750+ Advanced Animated Templates Pack for PowerPoint


Templates To Showcase Your Pictures

PowerPoint Picture Animations

A collection of 100+ different animated pictures with text description for PowerPoint. These PowerPoint graphic templates include Picture showcase, Picture reveal effect and Picture and text animation templates. You can easily replace the pictures with your own without losing the animations. 

PowerPoint Picture with quote

Animated Picture with Agenda

Hand Silhouettes Placing Images

Spin Picture Animation Effect

Click Effect to view photos

Reveal the Picture Animation

3D Animated PowerPoint Template for Images 

Showcase Photo Animation

Product Showcase Animation

Product Image with Shining Effect

Showcase Product Image

Images with Drawing Animation Effect

Flip Picture Animation Effect

Text Revealed from Behind Pictures

PowerPoint Animated Template With Pictures Circling

2 Pictures with associated text

3 Pictures with detailed text

Animated Pictures with Text in PowerPoint

3 Animated Images with Captions

Pictures with Descriptive Text

Animated Pictures with text

3 Pictures with reveal animation

Photo Click Effect Animation in PowerPoint

Animated Pictures with Explanation

3 Moving Images Animation

Animated Circular Pictures

Photos Highlight Animation

Twitter Message Animation Effect

PowerPoint Photo Animation Effect

5 Photos with bullet list

Picture with 4 Points

4 Points explained sequentially

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Animations helped grab attention of viewers

The product is a handy one which helps to express our views in innovative way. The highlight of the product is its customizable nature which helps to use according to our needs. The animations effects are extremely unique helping us to grab the attention of viewers.
My interaction with the team is very few, even then I would rate as well beyond excellent. One experience I would like to share is that when contacted after a year from the purchase of the pack they helped to solve the issue & provided a free updated version. Kudos to the team for the excellent customer service even after one year of the purchase
The products & the newsletter available in the website are extremely useful, would request the team to upload more tutorials in the website.


Associate Manager, Sterlite Copper, India