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How to create Animated PowerPoint Timeline

Learn how to create a visually stunning animated timeline graphic in PowerPoint. This tutorial can be followed in any version of PowerPoint.

The advanced PowerPoint tutorial shows you how to create a series of 6 events with the audience attention being called to 1 event at a time.
Click play to watch the video below.

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The tools used in this video tutorial include:

– Add teardrop shape, circles and text boxes from autoshapes
– Edit autoshape size and position to rotate the shape
– Change shape fill color
– Add preset shape effects
– Overlay multiple shapes to create interesting effects
– Add inner shadow effect to shape
– Change font color
– Change font to any thick font type
– Increase font size
– Align callout and related explanation text
– Add Emphasis animation – SPIN animation to shape
– Adjust Spin rotation type to quarter spin
– Increase animation speed
– Add wipe animation and change the direction of animation
– Add multiple animations to the same object
– Add Spin animation and set it to counter clockwise direction
– Using mouse controls to copy multiple objects
– Using Smart Guide to check if objects are aligned
– Change animation start timings of multiple objects at the same time.

Hope you found this tutorial on how to create timeline with animation effect in PowerPoint useful. If you did, please do share your feedback below.

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