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Unlock the potential of your data slides by discovering useful formatting tips for bar charts in PowerPoint. Make your data more visually appealing and communicate your message more effectively with these easy-to-follow tips.

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Tip 1: Adjust gap width for your bar chart in PowerPoint:

At times, you may wish to adjust the gap width of your bar or column charts in a data presentation to add visual interest. For example, take a look at this bar chart template, where we have employed this technique:

Bar Charts in PowerPoint

You may want to present your data in a new and exciting way, such as with this quilt chart template. This template provides a visually appealing way to display your data, allowing you to easily compare and contrast different elements. With this template, you can quickly and effectively communicate your data to your audience.

Quilt Chart Template in PowerPoint

To vary the gap width of your charts, follow these simple steps:

1. Select the chart you wish to modify.
2. Right-click on the chart and select "Format Data Series" from the menu.
3. In the "Format Data Series" window, select the "Options" tab.
4. Adjust the "Gap Width" slider to the desired width.
5. Click "OK" to save your changes.

Varying the gap width of your charts is a simple process that can help you create more visually appealing and informative visuals. With just a few clicks, you can customize your charts to better communicate your data.

Steps to follow with Screenshots:

First, add a basic bar chart in PowerPoint.

Regular Bar Chart in PowerPoint

Next, right click on the Chart-> go to Format Data Series -> Series Options -> Gap width.

Format Data Series in Bar Charts

 When you move the handle to the left, the columns widen. Here is what it will look like:

Bar Chart with Less Gap

 You can use this simple formatting tip to create your own variations like the examples you saw in the article.

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Tip 2: Overlap data series:

Another useful tool for formatting bar charts is the 'Series Overlap' function. This function can be used to add visual interest to your charts, as demonstrated in the following column template:

Overlapping Column Chart in PowerPoint

You can create advanced chart templates with the 'Series Overlap' function as follows: 

Basic Bar Chart with 2 Series

On the basic Bar chart in PowerPoint, Right click on a series ->go to Format Data Series -> Series options -> Series Overlap.

Series Overlap Tip in PowerPoint

 When you move the handle to the right the bars overlap. The result will be as follows:

Overlapping Bar Chart in PowerPoint

You can use both these tips for column charts as well.

The two tips in this article will help you format your charts better.

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Ease of Editing Chart

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