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Basics of Number Formatting in Excel

Discover the basics of Number formatting options available in Excel. Watch the tutorial video below to learn more:

This tutorial covers the following aspects of number formatting: 

1) Issue with displaying large numbers
If the number digits are greater than 15, Excel doesn't automatically display it correctly.
2) Number Format: Display with or without Decimal places
3) Currency Format - You can change to any currency of your choice as the default currency is Dollars.
4) Accounting Format: is similar to Currency formatting. The difference is that the Alignment of the currency symbol is different and zeroes are displayed as dashes.
5) Date Format: Working with addition/subtraction for dates. How to change the format to display as per your requirement.
6) Time format: Understanding how to format time correctly to represent AM or PM.
7) Converting numbers to percentages correctly.
8) Fraction, Scientific and Text formats are also covered.
9) Learn why numbers in some cells are not taken into consideration when using a formula.

This video is created by Ramgopal from Presentation Process in Excel 2016 for Office 365.

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