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Here are some creative ideas for borders. Get inspired to create interesting borders for your opening slides in business presentations.

Why create borders in PowerPoint for opening slides?

Take a look at the following two title slides:

Borders in PowerPoint The slide with border looks more organized and complete. Isn’t it?

Borders give structure and definition to otherwise boring title slides. There are many ways to create borders in PowerPoint. In this article, we will see some simple ways to achieve interesting results for your opening slides in business presentations.

1. Keep it simple

One of the common ways people create borders is by repeating a shape or design. For example, take a look at the following template created by altering black and white boxes. This not only looks heavy but also looks boring and archaic:

Archaic Border on Slide
The better way is to keep it simple. A simple frame  created using ‘Frame’ tool in auto shapes can go a long way in making your opening slide look interesting:

Simple Border Frame In the following template, we filled the frame with white color and increased transparency. See the dramatic impact it creates:

Simple Border Template in PowerPoint Even a simple textured slide looks more organized when you ‘Frame’ the background with White as shown below:

Texture Background with border.

2. Use simple straight lines

Curves in borders are better suited for certificates and wedding albums. They look tacky on the opening slide of a business presentation:

Curves on Opening Slide Instead, go for simple straight lines for borders in PowerPoint:

Simple Lines for border on slides The lines need not form a rectangle. You may choose to draw a couple of lines along adjacent edges of a rectangle as shown below:

Another Border slide idea

3. Balance the design

It may not always be a good idea to add abstract design to your title slides just to fill space. If you must use some design element – ensure that the weight is balanced evenly on the slide as shown below:

Design Elemens on Slide

4. Use context based borders

The best way to use borders for opening slides is to make them context based. For example, you may use the following opening slide for a casual brainstorming session:

Casual opening slide template You don’t need to stick to using borders for just your opening slides. You can consider using them to highlight certain quotes or to list down summary points. For example, the following ‘board template’ is useful to mention your ‘key takeaway points’:

Board Template Example You can even think of elaborate borders for your text as shown below:

Borders for Agenda Text

Source: elearning templates from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

The variations are limited only by your imagination. So, go ahead and explore some interesting ways to use borders for your next presentation.

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