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Draw an amazing glowing bulb in PowerPoint 2010. Follow our step by step instruction to create this useful diagram in minutes.

The bulb diagram you will create today is:

Bulb Diagram tutorial

 It is almost impossible to believe that the diagram is created in PowerPoint. Isn’t it?

That is the kind of results you can produce when you leverage the full power of PowerPoint. There are tons of resources in this site that will help you take your PowerPoint skills to the next level.

For now, let us focus on creating a bulb in PowerPoint.

Where can you use this diagram?

Bulb is used as a metaphor to represent an idea. So, you can use the diagram in just about any place where you want to represent a concept or an idea. Since every element in this diagram is editable, you can represent different stages of ideation by just playing around with the colors of the bulb.

For example, take a look at this diagram template:

PowerPoint Bulb Diagram template

Source: PowerPoint Ideas templates from CEO Pack 2

So, shall we start drawing the diagram? Here is…

Step 1: Draw the spherical part of the bulb

Go to Auto shapes menu and select ‘tear drop’ tool to create the following shape. Extend the shape slightly by dragging the yellow diamond at the tip. Rotate the shape, so that the pointed tip faces down as shown here:

Tear Shape in PowerPoint

Step 2: Complete the bulb shape

Add a rounded rectangle shape at the bottom. Ensure that the tip of the tear drop is covered completely by the rounded rectangle. Now, select both the shapes and use ‘Shape union’ option to merge.

Learn to set up Shape Union option in PowerPoint 2010 here.

Shape Union in PowerPoint

Right Click> Format Shape> Fill> Gradient fill -> Radial type to color the bulb. We use a combination of yellow and orange colors to give a realistic color to the glow.

Coloring bulb diagram

 You can choose any color to suit your need. Remove shape outline.

Step 3: Draw the cap or base

We will create the cap for the bulb using a series of disc shapes arranged one over the other. Let us see how to create a disc from a circle:

Create Disc from Circle tutorial

First, draw a perfect circle by holding the ‘shift’ key. Remove the outline and fill the shape with grey color. Now, follow these steps:

Right click on the circle and go to Format shape menu -> 3D format ->Depth -> Enter a value of 10.

Setting 3d for bulb
  1. Go to Material drop down menu and select ‘soft edge’ option
  2. Go to Lighting option and choose ‘Harsh’
Setting Material and Lighting in PowerPoint
  1. Choose 3D rotation -> Presets -> Parallel -> Off axis 1 top
  2. You can then adjust the Y axis to lay the disc in horizontal position.Alternatively you can  enter the values for three axes as shown above

Make multiple copies of the disc and stack them up one over the other.

Add a thicker and narrower disc at the bottom by increasing the value in 3D Format> Depth to complete the shape. Group all the discs together to ensure that you don’t disturb their alignment later:

Creating Base for Bulb Diagram

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Step 4: Putting them all together

Now, all that is left is to place the bulb shape right above the cap. You can add a sheen effect at the top and a shadow at the bottom to get the following bulb diagram:

Bulb Diagram Tutorial

Here are some applications of the diagram:

Comparison PowerPoint Concept

Bright Idea PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

Brainstorming PowerPoint Concept

Brainstorming PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

Source: 750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams: Concepts Section

The above bulb diagram templates are part of our ‘750+ PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams pack for CEOs’. The pack has a comprehensive range of diagram templates to help you express any business idea in a professional way. All the diagrams in the pack are fully editable. Just copy and paste our diagrams to your slides and create professional presentations in minutes.

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