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Change Related Business Concepts

Description: These business concepts templates help you represent wide variety of concepts including right time to change, process cross roads, balancing factors, contributors to star performance, in and out of a situation, aligning around the vision, transformation point, Input-process-output, corner stones, nuts and bolts, targeting your message, ripple effects, communication funnel and stages of growth.

Concept of Cross Roads | Balancing Factors

Concept of Cross Roads

Ideas for Star Performance

Ideas for Star Performance

Nuts and Bolts Fitting Concept |
Bringing Elements together

Nuts and Bolts Fitting ConceptBringing Elements together

Emerging from the Center

Corner Stones | Adding A New Element

Corner Stones

Combined Contribution | Transformation Point

Combined Contribution

In and Out Business Concept

Input and Output Concepts

Input and Output Concepts

Aligned Around Vision | Aspects of an Underlying Issue

Aligned Around Vision

Aligned Around Customer Need | Process of Change

Aligned Around Customer Need

Targeting Your Message

Communication Levels | Sphere of Influence Concept

Communication Levels

Concept – Stages of Growth

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Marketing Concepts

Marketing Concepts

Overcoming Problems

Overcoming Problems

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Business Concepts

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