Chart Placeholders

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LCD Monitor Place holder for Graph

LCD Monitor PlaceHolder for Graph

Description: Column Charts and Bar Graphs set in placeholders like phones, computers, projectors etc. You can use the slide where the context of a graph is as important as the graph itself. The chart placeholder provides a strong visual context to the graph.

Smart Phone Background

Smart Phone Background for PowerPoint Chart

Laptop Pictogram

Laptop Chart Placeholder

Tablet Placeholder with Column chart

Chart Placeholder - Tablet

PowerPoint Stacked Chart with Tree as a Metaphor

PowerPoint Chart with Tree as a Metaphor

Projector Screen

Projector Screen Chart Placeholder

Pop-Up card

Pop Up Card Graph Placeholder for PowerPoint

Unfurling Screen Graph

Column Chart that unfurls with animation

Billboard with Editable Graphs

Billboard with Editable Graphs

Peeling Sticker Graphs

Bar Chart on Peeling Sticker

3d Column Chart Popout

3d column chart Popout

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