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Editable Fill Level Charts in PowerPoint:

PowerPoint Infographic Charts


Editable PowerPoint infographic charts templates are not data driven charts. They are used to represent quantitative differences in a conceptual way. The chart set includes thermometer chart, dashboard chart, meter chart, battery chart and fill levels chart. The concepts you can represent are: Performance levels, market position, comparative ranks etc.

PowerPoint Fill Levels Charts with Percentages

PowerPoint Fill level Infographic
PowerPoint Fill levels

Colorful Test Tubes | PowerPoint Cylinders

PowerPoint Test Tubes
PowerPoint Cylinders

PowerPoint Spheres with Multiple Fill Options

PowerPoint spheres options

PowerPoint Thermometers with Multiple Fill Options

Powerpoint Thermometer
Powerpoint Thermometer Infographic

Meter Charts | Project Status Infographic

Meter Charts
Project Status Infographic

Performance Dashboard Infographic

Performance Dashboard Infographic

PowerPoint Editable Charts

PowerPoint Editable Charts
PowerPoint Bar Charts Infographic

Multicolor Performance Charts

Performance Chart
Performance Chart Infographic

PowerPoint Comparison Chart | Individual / Overtime

PowerPoint arrow charts
PowerPoint Growth Infographic

Growth Over Time Editable Comparison Charts

Growth Chart in PowerPoint
Growth Chart in PowerPoint

Editable PowerPoint Charts | Market Position Comparison

Growth Chart in PowerPoint
Market Position Comparison

Map Geographic Chart | PowerPoint Battery Chart

Map Geographic Chart
PowerPoint Battery Chart


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