Comprehensive All In One PowerPoint Bundle 2.0

4200+ PowerPoint Templates to Make Your Presentations Beautiful & Engaging

What You Get When You Download Comprehensive Bundle 2.0:

  • Templates from all 7 Packs: CEO Packs 1 & 2, Visual Graphs Pack, Flat Design Pack, Modern Templates Pack, Advanced Animations Pack & Hand Drawn Graphics Pack
  • 1000 NEW Templates: Totally new templates with fresh animations and a modern look & feel
  • +3200 Re-imagined Templates: Every template re-imagined with new animation or design
    Latest Effects: Templates with Morph Transition effects
  • Bonus #1: Slide Makeover Training Videos for Comprehensive Bundle 2.0
  • Bonus #2 750+ Graphic Assets: Useful animations, ribbons, placeholders, arrows, certificates & more
  • Bonus #3 1000 Editable Icons: For professional slides
  • Bonus #4 PDF File: Printable guide to find templates fast 
  • Bonus #5 140 List Templates: Animated templates pack

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Price : $500 999

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Fully Compatible with PowerPoint for Windows, Office 365 & Mac

A tremendous treasure trove of slides that stimulate creativity while providing immediate customizable solutions. Your support was quick, and provided timely response to my question. I overall rate this product as Excellent!

Kelley Buchanan
CEO of Raven Bear Ventures Ltd. 

Great, powerful slides with meaningful visuals to support MINIMAL APPROACH…very helpful for a person like me who does not have time to make or master this on my own! Excellent support with promise to get back within 12 hours but I have always received response before that!!!

Kamal Kumar Chawla

HR Ops Leader for Growth Markets, Consulting Industry, US

The templates saved a lot of time. I could visually tell them what I had in my mind. Templates were organized in very nice manner for easy access. The categorization was very useful in identifying the right template without going through 100s of slides.

BS Balaji
Asst Professor, University & Research Center

Preview of Select Templates From Comprehensive Bundle 2.0:

Title Slides & Essentials

Creative Bullet Point Alternatives

Timelines & Roadmaps

Expandable Timelines & Morph Transition Effects

Components & Puzzles

Levels, Stages, Steps

Comparisons & Tables

Linear & Circular Process Flows

Data Charts & Infographics

Org Chart & Team Introduction Slides

Actions, Concepts & Metaphors

Models & Frameworks

With these templates I speed up the process of developing presentations to my customers and decrease my team time spent to do that. My experience with this product is Excellent!

Jeronimo Morgado Polonio
Project Consultant at EOS Tecnologia Ltda.

It took us 6 months putting in 8 hours each working day to complete the Comprehensive Bundle 2.0 upgrade. Download these updated templates now!

4200+ PowerPoint Templates That Are 100% 'Boardroom Ready':


Grab the attention of the most distracted audience with unique & creative slides


Keep your audience hooked right to the end with professional animations


Get your message across quickly & clearly with a huge range of visuals (for any type of slide)


Make your ideas memorable with ready to use Visual Metaphors

Getting the entire package opened up a whole new world of creativity. Having created presentations every week, for the last few years, has dried up my creativity and my presentations started looking boilerplate-boring. I love the creative animation templates, the fresh ideas and the ease with which I can apply them to my own work.

Elizabeth Martin

Presentation Designer, U.S.

11 Key Benefits of Comprehensive Bundle 2.0

Customizing templates is so easy that a 10-year-old can do it in 44 seconds.
See proof here:
Every element in a template is customizable
See proof here:
All the custom animations are fully customizable
See proof here:
It blends seamlessly with your recommended Corporate Color Theme
See proof here:
You can change pictures easily in any template
See proof here:
You can change icons easily
See proof here:
You can edit Data Driven Charts easily
See proof here:
You get a number of creative variations for each slide type
Checkout some of the options for 3 step timeline here:
You can find the template variation to express your idea accurately
See an example here:
You can mix and match elements to create templates of your own. This makes the bundle a limitless treasure house of creative templates.
Templates are thoughtfully organized to help you find the right template quickly:
See proof here:

Download beautiful, easy to edit templates with
Comprehensive All In One Bundle 2.0

3 Reasons Why Comprehensive Bundle 2.0 is Unique

It's easier than ever before to create smart looking slides that wow the audience...

Even if you…

  • Can’t design to save your life
  • Don’t know much about PowerPoint and
  • Have a critical presentation coming up next week.

It’s like having a team of expert PowerPoint Designers at your command.

The usual templates available in the market are designed by graphic designers with zero experience in creating and delivering critical presentations.  
Templates in Comprehensive Bundle 2.0 are created by experienced business professionals. You can find more about us here.

Designed by experienced Business professionals who understand your specific requirements

Every template is creatively animated to grab your audience’s attention

  1. Creative custom animation helps you grab and hold the attention of even the most distracted audience of today
  2. You get time to explain each point at your own pace instead of letting your audience read ahead and tune you out
  3. Your slides engage your audience and your message is remembered better

That is why thousands of customers over 170+ countries across the world trust our products. 

There are so many wonderful slides. All of the things we wished we would have had a long time ago. Makes presentations so easy!

Regarding support, I had questions about bundles before I purchased and received great feedback and some samples from Arte and Team. Then again at start up I had questions. Each question was answered quickly and with great help!

Thank you for sharing your product!I found your site when searching Google for images and yours were always the best! We purchased all of the bundles and there is so much good stuff in them! "

Jodie Moreno

Adminstrative Assistant in Grocery Industry

Who are we to create these templates?

We are Business Presenters with 20+ years of experience...

Arte and Ramgopal

My name is Ramgopal. With me is Arte, my wife & business partner. We both held very senior positions in the corporate world.

I worked as Senior Vice President in HSBC - a multinational Bank.  During my corporate career, I've delivered every kind of business presentation - sales, budget, company introduction & executive presentations. I've developed training content, delivered training programs and managed a team of trainers.

Arte worked as Head Product Development and Requirement Analysis in i-flex Solutions (now Oracle Financial Solutions).  She was involved in core product training and pre-sales presentations in her company.

In 2008, we founded Metamorph Training Pvt. Ltd. - a company that trained senior executives and training professionals on Presentation Design.

Today, we own multiple sites dedicated to helping professionals present their ideas better:

We spent years learning instructional design, neuroscience and behavioral psychology. We used  all that knowledge and experience to create a proprietary system called Neuro Slide Design System. This system is used in designing templates in the Comprehensive All In One Bundle 2.0

What Presenters say about our templates:

Hello Sir and Madam, I have been following you on YouTube since 2016. Since then I have been glued to your channel. Then I started buying your products. Initially I was a bit confused on whether I should buy it or not as I was buying it for my own personal needs and it seemed costly.
But when I started buying, I got addicted. One purchase lead to another and then today I have bought your recent work i.e. Comprehensive PowerPoint Bundle 2.0.
Since morning I have been going through the slides and let me tell I never got bored. You both are my gurus now. Thanks for such wonderful work.
My boss used to say "You throw peanuts & you get only Monkeys, for quality you need to pay big". Till today in 3 years I never felt that my purchase was not worthy.... Thank you once again!

Ajit Kumar


Yes, the bundle has been very useful, in fact before buying bundle I tried several other small packages from presentation process, the response from my audience has been excellent. Therefore I decided to make one time useful investment and bought Comprehensive all in one bundle now. I have gone through all the slides and very impressed with package. Thanks

Soheal Singh Bhati

Team Manager Technical Support

A great package that has helped to improve my presentations greatly. No more boring, just great graphics that put the message across professionally.

Colin Beyer


The All In One Bundle is amazing - very well organized so I can find just the right template. Very easy to customize with my data.

Margaret Putnam

Content Specialist Trainer

This bundle pack has been great for multiple presentations, providing strategic animation and visual concepts to otherwise dull content.
Fantastic products - I would highly recommend purchasing!

Todd Werdebaugh


The templates have been really useful for us in our presentations. We are also looking at options to purchase other bundles which may enhance our presentations. We are really happy that you are able to produce such wonderful presentations and make it available for presenters who do not have much time to prepare their presentations

Paul Dawson

Design team

The product is very useful to me. What I like most is all items are editable. Your site was recommended by my friend

Elein Yang
Finance Director, Dairy industry

Completed a research overview and enjoyed the process thoroughly. Will be presented to client in the next two weeks and cannot wait to hear feedback.

Lida Groenewald

Researcher, Lida Groenewald Research Consultants

It gives me a lot of ideas I would not have otherwise thought of. It saves me a ton of time and lets me focus on content as opposed to design.

Syed Ali
Solutions Engineer, Software Company

I can use it for in eLearning modules that I am developing. I have used quite a few of those in the new e-Learning course I am currently developing such as, the clipboard and the white board and loved the ones to replace bullet points.

Preeti Mathur


I am a business strategist (IT Project Manager). I consistently interact with Senior Tier/Executive Tier Management. This interaction requires highly seasoned communication and ‘PRESENTATION’ skills. Your product has taken me to the NEXT LEVEL – Thanks Big time for making this product available (IT IS PRICELESS).

Sam Hazziez

Senior IT Consultant at Preferred Professionals Business Group

Join these presenters and change the way you create your training presentations forever:

Download Comprehensive Bundle now & Get these 4 Useful Bonuses

BONUS #1: 1000 Editable Icons

A collection of fully editable icons from different industries like healthcare, software, business etc. Useful to give a professional touch to any business presentation.

Value: $99

BONUS #2: 750+ Graphic Assets

Make any slide interesting with these assets. Just pick and stick these editable graphics into your slides. Includes arrows, ribbons, tags, badges, certificates, notepaper backgrounds, background textures and more.

Value: $199

BONUS #3:  Comprehensive Slide Makeover Training

* 3 Step Process to Makeover your slides
* How to Customize your templates like a PRO
* Bonus Makeover Examples
* Course Length: 2 hrs 45 Mins
Value: $

BONUS #4: Printable & Searchable PDF Preview File 

Get a preview of all templates in the Comprehensive Bundle. Browse through the file to get ideas or search for the exact template you need. 

Value: $12

NEW! BONUS #5: Add On 140 PowerPoint List Templates 

Download additional 140 fully animated templates to help you makeover boring list slides. 

Value: $99

The templates are classified well and in line with a business presenter's needs. Have used a few of the slides in a recent presentation, and indeed the audience were impressed by the design and animation effects. Thanks to Ramgopal and Arte for coming up with such a wonderful product.


Chennai, India

Download Comprehensive All In One Bundle 2.0

4200+ Premium PowerPoint Templates to Make your Presentations Beautiful & Engaging

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I have made 3 presentations so far using Charts,Diagrams & Graphs from All in One PowerPoint Bundle to explain department processes, present Financial data etc.
It has drastically improved my presentation skills.
Audience were really impressed and engaged with the slides throughout. All I have to do is go through plethora of templates and visualize which would go perfect with what I want to present.

Srikanth Iyer

Associate Manager, FP&A, Alexion Business Services Pvt Ltd.


" I have used several of the bundles over the last 4 years in my work as trainer on EU grants. I give complex trainings about how to obtain the most prestigious grants in the European Union for audiences of people who are at a minimum 7 years after PhD up to full professors across all disciplines. Which has now completely changes to modular online lectures since the covid-19.
Four years ago I wanted to change the business model from live training to e-learning. I found the Teachable website. The advise from Teachable to work with pictures (photo's) did not work for me at all.
And that is when I stumbled across your work. I think it was the videos on youtube and in particular the word animated powerpoint. Using Advanced Animations and lately the Modern pack, I have been able not only to make my ppt more attractive but also conceptually far more informative.
The more I understand how to use the templates the better I've become in rethinking what key is in what I want to help my audience to re-conceptualize in what it takes to be successful in their applications.
Every year, I seem to be able to enrich my insight and therefore to come up with better visualized slides that are more coherent in the storyline through the animations and visualisations.
To cut a long story short: In Bundle 2.0 I found in particular the tools offered in understanding how to simplify the categories of templates very insightful. Furthermore the different Bundles made me aware of the fact that also in the groups I talk to there may be different Bundles more appropriate for different groups.
I just realized that the power of the Hand Drawn bundle would be excellent for train the trainers sessions where I need them to come up with the visualizations for their story. The hand drawn slides seem somehow more open for own interpretations and therefore good for inviting group work. Therefore I'm deeply grateful, how your templates over the years have allowed me to make the transition and where I have audiences super excited about the quality of my presentations."

Lotte Jaspers

Director & Trainer in Training & Consultancy

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