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Here are 5 ways to show the concept of Leadership when presenting. See how different aspects of leadership are captured by varying the elements in the diagram.

Visualizing the concept of Leadership:

Leadership is not an easy concept to visualize. There are so many facets to leadership that it is not possible to capture them all in one slide. In this article, we will show you some interesting ways to capture certain facets of leadership through concept diagrams. You can build on the ideas discussed in this article to capture other finer aspects of leadership in your business slides. Let us shortlist some key leadership characters and see how to visualize them.

To stand out from the rest:

One of the key characters of leadership is ‘individuality’.  The strength of character of a leader distinguishes him/her from the rest. If this is the facet you want to portray – the following diagram template can help:

Concept of Leadership PowerPoint Idea from CEO Pack 1

Source: Concepts from PowerPoint 2 CEO Bundle

The main emphasis of the diagram is to stand out from the rest. So, we made the ‘special’ one stand out in terms of color, size and the distance from the rest. You can find the tutorial to make  glossy ball design here >>

Inclusive leadership:

Sometimes, you may want to convey the idea of ‘inclusive leadership’ while maintaining the idea of ‘individuality’. In such cases, you want to show that the ‘leader’ is like others in terms of rank and stature, but the distinction is in terms of vision and forethought. The following diagram template captures the spirit in a clear and memorable way:

Inclusive leadership Concept

The shape and size of all the elements in the diagram are kept the same. The leader is distinguished by the color of the shape. The way the cubes are arranged subtly convey the concept of ‘inclusive leadership’.

Authoritative leadership:

If you want to portray the idea of authoritative leadership or ‘leadership by title’, the following diagram template is useful:

Brand Leadership Marketing Concept from CEO pack 2

Source: Marketing Concepts from PowerPoint 2 CEO Packs Bundle

‘Authority’ is represented by the concept of crown. You can extend the diagram to convey marketing concepts like – brand leadership, category leadership etc.

Number one position:

To extend the idea further, if you want to show market dominance – you can state it explicitly by using the following diagram template:

Number one position

Source: Marketing Concepts from PowerPoint 2 CEO Packs Bundle

The way the elements are arranged – you can see that the leader is dictating terms to the ones around him/her.

Think differently:

Another facet of leadership is to think differently. A leader is resourceful enough to come up with innovative solutions to unexpected challenges.  The following diagram template portrays the courage of a leader to go against the norm and to believe in self:

In each of the examples shown above you can see that we focus on just one core characteristic to portray. It is this simplicity that makes the visuals easy to comprehend.

Hope the article helped you pick up some useful ideas about visualizing concept of leadership. You can try your own variations to express the ideas better.

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