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Create 3 Animated PowerPoint Graphics to Present Bullet Lists

Create 3 different Animated PowerPoint Graphics to Present boring Bullet Lists. Follow these step by step tutorials to create these graphics.

#1 : Click to Reveal Animation Effect

Follow this step by step tutorial to create a reveal text animation effect.  Make your numbered lists more engaging and interesting with this custom animation.
The PowerPoint tutorial in this video can be followed in any version of PowerPoint.

#2 : Infographic Style List

Learn how to create a simple animated Business Info Graphic in PowerPoint.
This infographic consists of clipboards with text. So you can use these PowerPoint graphics to present a list of points. We add custom animation to each of the graphic elements so we can present each of the points one by one.

#3 : Shuffling Bullet Point Effect

Learn to create Shuffling Bullet Points using Morph Transition. Make your boring bullet lists more interesting and engaging for your audience with this easy to do transition effect. This transition can be used as a section header as well.

You need Morph Transition feature available In PowerPoint 365 or PowerPoint 2019 to follow this tutorial. 

Hope you found these ideas useful! Do share these with your friends, if you did.

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