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How To Create Hide Reveal Animation in PowerPoint

In this video tutorial, you will learn how To create Hide Reveal animation in PowerPoint 2013.
You can also follow this tutorial in other versions of PowerPoint.

The animation effect is as follows

– There is a word written on the slide
– A horizontal line moves over the text
– The written words disappear and the new word appears in line with the movement of the horizontal line.

To create the effect we will use the following PowerPoint tools.

– Add a textbox from auto shapes. Add the text you want to be hidden in the animation.
– Change the font to a thick font like Arial Black.
– Increase the font size.
– Duplicate the text box and add the word that needs to be revealed
– Add Rectangle Rounded Rounded Corner shape
– Click on the Yellow handle of the rectangle and increase the curvature
– Adjust the length of the rounded rectangle so it is long enough to the word
– Add another rectangle big enough to hide the word to be hidden completely.
– Change the Fill color of the newly added rectangle to White. Remove any outline.
– Group the rectangle and Rounded rectangle shapes together
– Add Split animation ( Vertical Out) to the grouped shape
– Add Motion Path Animation ( Down Line Curve) to the grouped shape
– Adjust the amount of motion path animation so it just covers the word to be hidden
– Add Exit animation to the word that is to be hidden
– Now the Rounded Rectangle needs to move back up.
– So add Motion Path animation ( Up) to the grouped shape with the rounded rectangle
– Add Exit animation ( Split) to the grouped shape
– Place the word to be revealed right on top of the word to the hidden
– Bring the grouped shape to Front.

Hope you found this tutorial on how to create a hide reveal animation effect in PowerPoint useful. If you did, please do share your feedback below.

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