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Learn to create a simple decision tree diagram using PowerPoint. Find examples of interesting variations of the chart for your business presentations.

Here is a sample Decision Tree Diagram in PowerPoint:

Learn to create simple decision tree diagram in PowerPoint. Find examples of interesting variations of the chart for your business presentations. The diagram may not be ‘pretty’, but it is quite useful to make a persuasive argument in a business situation. Typical situations where you might use the diagram are:

  • Whether to go with a purchase option or lease option when you need a heavy machinery for production
  • Whether to bid on a new project or not
  • Whether to enter a new market segment or not etc.

The simple organization of ‘decisions and outcomes’ make it easy for the audience to understand the argument. You can even use the diagram to conduct an elaborate ‘If –then’ analysis with your team.

The diagram is quite easy to create in PowerPoint once you understand the components. Here is a quick rundown of the components of a decision tree chart.

Understanding the nodes and lines

There are three types of nodes used in a decision tree chart. They are:

  • Decision nodes – represented by squares
  • Chance nodes – represented by circles
  • End nodes – represented by triangles at the end of lines

Chance nodes have uncertain outcomes. So, they are usually accompanied by guesses regarding probability of occurrence. We distinguish the nodes by different colors to make it easy for people to recognize the types.

The outcomes are represented by lines. The nodes and lines provide different paths for the audience to visualize outcomes. Usually decision trees are much easier for the audience to understand than flowcharts which have numerous symbols.

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Why create decision tree diagram in PowerPoint?

The single biggest reason to create the chart in PowerPoint is – you can use the power of custom animation to progressively reveal the outcomes at each stage.

The other reasons are:

  • You can use ‘Push’ transitions to show fairly large trees in a seamless way (refer to our article on using ‘Push transitions’ to know more)
  • You can zoom in on certain portions of the tree to create alternative options
  • You can copy, paste and edit slides to create multiple scenarios

All you need to know is to pick and stick elements from auto shapes options to slides. The rest is fairly intuitive.

Here are some readymade decision tree diagrams that add a sparkle to your slides. They are part of our ‘PowerPoint Charts Templates Packs for CEOs’.

2 Branch Decision Tree from PowerPoint CEO pack 1

PowerPoint Decision Tree Variation from CEO Pack 1

Source: Tree Diagrams from CEO Pack 1

Growing spiral diagram

Source: Hierarchy Charts from PowerPoint Graphics CEO Pack 2

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