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How to Make your Data Presentations More Interesting

By the way, it is not for nothing that chart slides are called ‘land mines’ in a presentation slide deck. When you take your audience through them, you are bound to lose a few.

Unless you create them with care, they might either confuse or your audience or bore them to tears.

The problem with default PowerPoint Charts

The default charts in PowerPoint are boring and shallow:


They don’t help you provide deeper insights with your numbers like in Waterfall charts or Bricks Charts:


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They can’t help you add character to your survey charts like this:


Or even provide a more intuitive way to understand the results of your survey like this:


Those boring percentage charts don’t sizzle like this:


The alternative to default data charts

That is why, we created a set of beautiful, data driven charts and infographics templates in PowerPoint called ‘PowerPoint Visual Graphs Pack’.


The templates are super easy to use. Just replace the sample data with your own data and the charts get updated automatically. You don’t need to be a whiz in Excel to create high end charts like Bullet charts, Funnel charts, Gantt charts, Speedometer charts etc.

If you know how to use your keyboard and mouse, you can make charts that can put financial magazines to shame.


Your boring column charts can now be as interesting as this:


Your numbers can tell a better story like this:


So, why don’t you check out our Visual PowerPoint Graphs pack and discover a whole new way to create your number based slides in PowerPoint.

Your PowerPoint charts will never look the same again.

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