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Learn to create an interesting effect of water puddle in PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instruction to create this useful effect to illustrate your business concepts.

Here are some examples of Water Puddle effect in PowerPoint:

Take a look at the following concept diagram templates:

Pipeline with Water Effect in PowerPoint

The puddle of water on the floor serves as a useful metaphor for leaked profits or leaked opportunities in business. It is quite easy to create this realistic puddle illustration using basic tools in PowerPoint. In this article we will learn to create the illustration in a step by step way.

Step 1: Draw the base shape

Go to Auto shapes menu. Using the ‘Freeform’ tool draw a rough shape as follows:
Freeform Shape
Right click on the shape and go to ‘Edit points’ option. Right click on the sharp corners and convert them from ‘Corner point’ to ‘Smooth point’
Smooth Point Effect
You end up getting an amoeba shape like this:
Final Water Shape

Step 2: Add a 3D perspective

Right click on the shape ->

  1. Go to Format shape
  2. Select 3D rotation
  3. Select Presets -> Perspective -> Perspective relaxed.

The shape begins to appear like a water puddle.

Right click on the shape again. Go to Format shape -> 3D Format ->Top -> Bevel -> Circle.
3D Format Bevel
The resultant effect in PowerPoint will be as follows:
Resultant effect in PowerPoint
You can increase the transparency of the ‘Shape fill’ to get a more realistic puddle
Transparency effect
You can change the fill color to suit your needs:
Fill Color in Grey
Once you have the puddle shape you can make copies of the shape and place them under a ‘Water tap’ illustration or a ‘Water pipe’ illustration as shown in the diagram templates at the beginning of the article.

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Other useful business illustrations:

We wish to show you some more useful illustrations based on the theme of ‘pipeline & drain’ to use in your presentations to visualize business concepts.

All the diagram templates you see in this article are taken from our ‘CEO Pack – Volume 2’. The pack has more than 815 Premium PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams to help you visualize business ideas.

The following diagram template illustrates the idea of ‘Effort going down the drain’:

Effort going down the drain from CEO Pack 2
The following animated diagram template shows the concept of ‘Divided output’ from a process:

The following template illustrates two types of input streams:

Two types of input streams from CEO Pack 2
This diagram template illustrates leaks in pipeline:

This diagram template illustrates leaks in pipeline
Source: Pipeline Templates | CEO Pack Volume 2

Creating effective PowerPoint illustrations is a time intensive effort. You may not always find the time to create your illustrations every time you need to put together a presentation. That is why we came up with our Readymade PowerPoint Charts and Diagram packs called ‘CEO packs’. The two packs have more than 1600 charts, diagrams, graphs and graphics to help you visualize every business idea imaginable. All the diagram templates are 100% editable using PowerPoint.

You just need to choose the right template that suits your requirement. Replace the sample text with your own text and your business presentation gets ready in no time. Why waste time creating your diagrams from the scratch when you have such a high quality solution available off the shelf?

Please browse through our diagram templates collection and see how the CEO packs can change the way you create your business presentations forever.


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