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Learn to create simple Family Tree diagram in PowerPoint. Follow our easy step by step instructions to create this useful graphic for your business presentations.

The Family Tree in PowerPoint you’ll learn to create:

Family Tree PowerPoint TutorialThis simple and clean graphic is easy to create using rectangle auto shapes and elbow arrow connectors. In this article you will learn the method in a step by step way.

SmartArt doesn’t provide you an option for Family Tree:

Take a look at the various options provided under the Hierarchy tab of SmartArt tool:

Smartart Hierarchy ChartsYes. As you observed, there is no option available to create a Family Tree. Considering that Family tree is such a common graphic used in presentations, it is quite surprising that people at Microsoft haven’t thought of including an option for the graphic.

Let us learn to create the graphic in a simple and straight forward way.

Step 1: Create the boxes

Go to auto shapes menu and use the ‘Rectangle’ tool to create the boxes for Family Tree PowerPoint.

Tree chart PowerPoint with rectanglesUse the ‘Align’ and ‘Distribute’ functions in ‘Arrange’ tab to place the boxes in their right position. Enter relevant text in the boxes by clicking inside them.

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Step 2: Connect the boxes

Once you have the boxes in place, it is time to connect the boxes using ‘Elbow Arrow Connector’ tool:

Elbow Arrow ConnectorWhen you hover over the edges of a box you will find red dots – which are the connector points for the box. Make sure that the elbow arrow connectors connect the red dots as shown below:

Connect Family Tree partsWhen you connect all the boxes, you will get the following result:

Base Family Tree ChartYou can differentiate the generations by applying different colored ‘Quick styles’. Increase the thickness of the lines and color them grey to get the following result:

Final Family Tree PowerPointRelated: Curved Arrow Tutorial In PowerPoint

Smarter option for business presenters:

Even simple graphics like Family Tree Chart can take a lot of time and effort if you want your slides to look professional. Aligning different elements of the chart requires attention to detail. When you have deadlines looming large, it is not easy to work on the finer details.

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Here are some examples taken from this bundle. You can represent concepts related to trees as a metaphor:

Tree as Metaphor Diagram from CEO BundeHere is an example of a 3D Organization Structure chart from PowerPoint 2 CEO Packs Bundle:

Lateral Org Chart from CEO Bundle

Source: Org Charts from PowerPoint 2 CEO Bundle

You can also show the steps in organization chart as steps like this diagram from CEO pack 1:

Org Chart Structure from 2 CEO Bundle

Source: Org Charts from 2 CEO Bundle

If you want to keep your org chart or tree diagram simple, you can have a simple lateral chart like this:

Org hierarchy from CEO Pack
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