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Find five creative representations of 5 factors model in PowerPoint. Get inspired to create your own variations to suit your specific requirements.

A quick word about Five factor model:

Five factor model is quite common in most industries. Be it five factors of production, five factors of personality, 5 factors of climatic change, five factors that affect enzyme activity, five factors of evolutionary change or five factors of metabolic syndrome – five factor models are everywhere. In this article we will showcase different ways to represent five factors to inspire your next business presentation.

1. Segments of a Pie Diagram:

One of the simplest ways to represent five factors is to use a five segmented pie as follows:

The diagram gives you the flexibility of making it quantitative. For example in the above template, if ‘stake holder contribution’ is less and ‘processes’ is more – you can vary the sizes of the pie to reflect the extent of contribution. You can also make the diagram multi-layered to express different contributing factors.

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2. Converging arrows to represent contributing factors:

ou can use arrows or chevrons of different shapes in a converging fashion to indicate the idea of ‘contribution from different sources’. For example, take a look at the following diagram template:

Source: Arrows from PowerPoint Charts CEO Pack

You can add relevant custom animation to the arrows and make the diagram dynamic.

3. Using the analogy of a flower

You can represent five factors using the analogy of a flower. For example, take a look at the following PowerPoint diagram template:

Flower DiagramYou can extend the analogy further by representing the idea using a sun flower. The concept for the diagram would be – “Just as sun flower orients itself to the direction of the sun, an organization should orient their processes to the changing needs of customers”.

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4. Five items on a plate

If there is no obvious interrelationship between the five factors, you can represent them as five items on a plate. For example, take a look at the following diagram:

Items on 3d plate

Source: Five Factors Models from CEO Pack

You can use custom animation to let each of them appear on click. Thus, you can use the slide to provide a quick overview of the five factors and use each of the colored balls as guideposts for the rest of the presentation.

5. Five factors leading to one outcome

Sometimes, the five factors under discussion may lead to one outcome. In such cases you can use the following layout to represent the idea:

5 Factors and OutcomeSo, there are many ways to represent a five factor model depending on the specific relationship you want to portray.

Limitations of SmartArt graphics:

While you can always use ‘SmartArt graphics’ to represent five factors model, you may not be able to capture the relationship between the factors accurately. Moreover, most SmartArt graphics are overused. So, they may not help you capture your audience attention effectively. Creating custom graphics for presentations takes a lot of time and effort.

Smarter alternative for business presenters:

If you are a busy business presenter who doesn’t want to waste time constructing your diagrams from the scratch and yet want impressive looking diagrams to use in your business presentations – we have an elegant solution for you.

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SWOT analysis Template

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Venn Diagram from CEO Pack

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