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Learn to create five forces model with SmartArt PPT tool. Get inspired to create some interesting variations of the diagram in PowerPoint.

The Five Forces Model PPT template you’ll learn is:

Five Forces Model PPT templateWe will create the diagram using SmartArt tool. Let us learn to create the diagram in a step by step way.

1. Get Diverging Radial Graphic:

Go to Insert -> SmartArt and select ‘Diverging Radial’ graphic.

Get Diverging Radial graphicThe graphic you get has arrows diverging from the center.

SmartArt Radial Graphic BasicWe need the arrows to converge to create our five forces diagram. So click on the arrows -> go to Arrange -> Rotate -> Flip Horizontal or Flip Vertical to flip them in the opposite direction:

Reverse Arrow Direction in ModelYou can also see how we created a 3D Radial diagram with this same base graphic here >>

2. Add flourish to the diagram:

Click on the diagram and go to Design tab in PowerPoint ribbon. Choose one of the designs under ‘Colorful’ option:

Add Color to Five Forces Model PPTThe next step is to choose a quick style of your choice to add visual interest to the diagram:

Add Quick Style design.When you add relevant text like – Industry rivalry, Buyer power, Supplier power, Threat of substitutes and Potential entrants – your five factors model diagram gets complete.

Variations of the model:

Though the diagram created using SmartArt tool is elegant, it doesn’t look different enough from the usual diagrams created using the tool. Let us show you some interesting variations of the diagram taken from our ‘PowerPoint charts and diagram templates pack for CEOs – Volume 1’.

Here is a visual representation of the model:

Source: Five Forces Model PPT templates from CEO Pack 1

SmartArt to one way to quickly make your slides more visual. You can spend the spend the time to create the SmartArt effects and animations yourself…OR

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