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Add glossy effect to PowerPoint Sphere in a jiffy. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful Glossy Ball that makes your diagrams look more professional.

What difference does ‘Gloss’ make to your PowerPoint Sphere?

See the before and after diagram of using a professional effects for diagrams:

Glossy Ball from Sphere

Here is how the diagrams can look when your templates are ready to use:

PowerPoint Spheres

Source: Spheres from PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

Did you see the use of gloss to give a professional touch to sphere diagrams?Coming to the point of this tutorial…

How to create the gloss effect?

You can create a beautiful gloss in 3 simple steps and stick it on top of any of your sphere diagrams to create a professional look. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Create an oval shape

The first step is to create an oval shape which will serve as our gloss. We have used a dark background so that the gloss is visible as we move ahead.

Oval Shape

Step 2: Fill it with preset color gradient

The next step is to fill the shape with a preset gradient color as follows:

Add preset Gradient

Right click on the oval shape. Go to ‘Format Shape’ -> Fill -> Gradient fill -> Preset colors -> Moss. The result will be as follows:

Format Sphere

Step 3: Change the color and adjust the transparency levels

Adjust the transparency levels

To do this, go to:

Stop 1 -> Color -> White; Transparency -> 45%

Stop 2 -> Color -> White; Transparency -> 85%

Stop 3 -> Color -> White; Transparency -> 100%

This will give us the gloss:

Glossy Effect

Add a simple Circle shape and give it any color and add gradient as Shape Fill> Gradient> Linear Up.

Simple Circle Shape
Final PowerPoint Sphere

Move the gloss on to the spherical shape to create a professional effect. You can also add a shadow to make it look better.

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Some quick tips to stick the gloss on the sphere:

  1. When you stick the gloss, ensure that the gloss covers around half the size of the sphere.
  2. Leave some space on the top to give a more realistic feel to the gloss
  3. If your slide has multiple spheres, ensure that the gloss position on the sphere is identical in all. When you violate this rule, your sphere shapes would look unnatural

That is as much you need to learn to create great looking spheres like these.

Wheel Shapes from CEO Pack
Glossy Sphere Shapes from CEO Pack 1

Source: Business Concepts from PowerPoint Charts & Diagrams CEO Pack

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