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Discover variations of spiral graphics in PowerPoint. Find out why it helps to have a wider choice of diagrams to create a clearer business presentation.

Why have more choices for graphics in PowerPoint?

Here is what we found from our experience in creating high stakes presentations for our clients over the years: ‘The closer a diagram matches the concept in a presenter’s mind – the easier it is for the audience to visualize the message’.

Let us expand on the idea, by taking the example of ‘Spiral diagrams’. For most presenters spiral diagram seems ‘specific enough’ as a diagram type. But even in spiral diagrams you can have a lot of variations to portray different types of concepts. Let us explore a few here:

Positive and Negative loops:

This classic diagram of positive and negative loops comes from a book called ‘Fifth Discipline’ by Peter Senge. The diagram shows the impact of two types of actions and their outcomes.

Spiral Graphics in PowerPoint

Source: Comparisons from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

In business context, the two types of choices could be:

  • For a bank – Giving more loans to customers or Cutting down on bad debts
  • For a Small Business – Increasing revenues or Decreasing costs
  • For a medicine manufacturer – Increasing efficacy or Reducing side effects

The diagram helps you capture the result of going down the two paths in a stage wise manner.

Growing spiral:

Here is an example of a Growing spiral diagram:

Growing spiral diagramThe diagram represents progressive growth. The loop grows in size with each cycle. The diagram can be used to represent many useful concepts like:

  • Compound interest
  • Growing customer base over time
  • Compounding issues etc.

You can see an interesting makeover of making over a slide about interest into a visual and interesting slide here>>

Tapering Spiral graphic:

Tapering Spiral Graphic

Source: PowerPoint Spirals from CEO Pack 2

The spiral here shows growth and decline along a life cycle. The concepts that can be represented using the diagram are:

  • The pattern of sales of a new product over time
  • Career path when new skills are not added
  • Fashion fads etc.

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Graphic to show increasing challenges:

The following template represents passing through different levels of challenge over time:

Graphic to show increasing challenges

Source: PowerPoint Spirals from CEO Pack 2

The varying sizes of the loops represent varying levels of difficulty to pass through. The color coding represents different types of challenges. Typical concepts that can be portrayed using the diagram are:

  • Passing through different stages of selection process
  • Narrowing down on target market segment
  • Zeroing in on specific areas of concern etc.

The graphics in PowerPoint you use should depend on the specific idea you want to convey.

Empowering you with choice:

The diagram templates you saw in this article were taken from our PowerPoint 2 CEO Packs Bundle . The Bundle empowers you with choice whenever you create your presentations. With more than 1600 unique diagram templates to choose from – you can pick the right template to match your thought.

To take it even further – all the diagram templates are fully editable. That means you can customize every aspect of the diagrams to precisely match your concepts. If you don’t find a diagram to represent your idea – you can always pick and stick elements from different diagram templates to create your own custom diagrams.

So, the next time you prepare your business presentations – allow yourselves the choice of having the best of resources to dip into. After all, the wider the options you have the more effective your presentation is going to be.

Happy presenting!

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