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How to Print Excel Files like a PRO: 6 Part Series

In this 6 part series, you will find how to set up and print your Excel files like a PRO. Learn about getting your content Centered, Add & Adjust Page Breaks, print Grid lines, print all your content in one page and more.

#1  Print Row & Column Titles in Every Page

Row & Column headings make the content of the Excel file clear. By default Excel prints Row & Column headings only in the first page. 

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. Set all columns to print in one page
2. How to set Excel to print in Landscape format
3. How to set one or more rows to repeat at top of the printed page
4. How to check what will be printed with Print Preview
5. How to repeat columns on every page
6. How to remove row repeat

#2  Print Gridlines in Excel

By default Excel does not print with gridlines. Make your printed data easy to read by printing handy gridlines using a simple set up in Excel. 

#3 Set  Print Area in Excel

Learn how to select specific areas of your file to print without creating new files.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. In a sheet with a number of rows and columns, you may want to print just selected rows. Learn how to do this.
2. In Page Layout option set the Print Area
3. How to add multiple selections to Print Area
4. How to clear selected Print Areas.
5. Review of how to add gridlines and add row titles in printout.

#4 How to Center Print Area 

Make your printouts look professional by printing centered on the page.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. Excel by default print the content aligned to the left.
2. This means there is a lot of space left to the right.
3. Set Excel Margins and customize them. You can choose to center horizontally as well as vertically.
4. You can also zoom in the content so it fits the page. Custom Scaling options in Excel allows you to do this.
5. You can also use Wide margins, Narrow margin options to customize your printout.
6. Alternatively, you can use the Show Margin option to adjust the margins exactly as you require.
7. Bonus Tip: How to magnify Print Preview to get a closer look at your printout.

#5 Insert & Manage Page Breaks

Control what gets printed out in each page with the Page Break feature.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. Excel by default chooses print area randomly.
2,. To preview these default settings, we use Page Break Preview options
3. You can adjust the horizontal and vertical page breaks manually and use Print Preview to review your settings.
4. How to move the page breaks and change their position
5. How to reset or remove all page breaks
6. How to remove the default dotted page break line

#6 Fit Contents of an Excel Sheet into 1 Page

This is a common problem faced by Excel users. When there are lot of rows and columns, Excel sets the page breaks by default. This video shows you how to fit your content onto one sheet and also deal with the resulting issues.
What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1. How to deal with text overlap in columns using Autofit Column Width function
2. How to use Print Preview to understand how your data will be printed out
3. How to change the orientation from Portrait to Landscape for printing
4. How to scale the print content to fit a page
5. How to restrict content to one page
6. How to adjust print margins to reduce the margins and increase space available for printing a large amount of content
7. How to ensure readability even with custom scaling.
8. How to get a closer look at the print preview
9. How to manually scale the margins.

All the video tutorials above are created by Ramgopal in Excel 2016 for Office 365.

If you found this series useful, please do share! 

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