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How to Set Up Excel Quick Access Toolbar

Learn how to set up Excel Quick Access Toolbar easily and save time in working with your Excel sheets. Watch the video below to get started with this Excel tutorial.

Quick Access Toolbar is a small bar is above the Excel Ribbon. You can place the tools you use often in this Toolbar and use Excel more efficiently.

What is covered in this Excel tutorial:
1) How to add tools to the quick access toolbar
2) How to remove tools
3) How to rearrange the tools in the bar
4) How to customize Quick Access Toolbar to a specific document or applicable across all files.
5) How to export Quick Access Toolbar customization and transfer to all other devices where you use Excel
6) Alt Keyboard shortcuts to apply tools listed in the Quick Access Toolbar
7) How to change the location to Below the Excel Ribbon

This video is useful for beginners and for those looking to review their Excel knowledge.  

This video is created by Ramgopal from Presentation Process in Excel 2016 for Office 365.

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