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Learn how to change the icon for audio clips in PowerPoint to make it attractive or to match with the rest of your presentation.

This article is part of the series of tutorials on using audio in PowerPoint. Start the series here.

The default icon for an audio clip looks like this:

Default Audio Icon

When you create a designer slide which has an audio clip attached to it, this icon may not go well with the overall design of your slide. Is there a way you can change your audio icon, so it can look something more attractive as the following icons:

Creative Icons for Audio
Yes. You can have your audio icon look the way you want and in this article, you will learn how to achieve the same.

Step 1: Download the icon you need

There are a number of sources to get high quality public domain images like or You can get an audio icon of your choice to replace the default audio icon.

Volume option in PowerPointSet the Volume

Step 2: Go to Change Picture option

After you insert your audio clip, right click on the audio icon and go to ‘Change picture’ option. You will get the following dialog box open:

Menu to change audio option
You can choose to insert pictures from one of the folders in your computer or you can browse the net to select your picture. When you choose to browse using Bing Image search from within PowerPoint, the results provided are usually royalty free images.

That is all, your icon now changes to the picture of your choice. Wasn’t that easy?

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