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Discover an interesting way to showcase product pack shot in PowerPoint using shelves. Follow our simple step by step instruction to learn this useful technique.

Showcasing images in PowerPoint:

Sometimes, when you create a sales or marketing presentation you may want to showcase your product pack shot. When you make an investor presentation, you may want to showcase your certification or awards won.

Sticking a plain image on a slide may not be as interesting as mounting the image on a shelf. In this article, we will learn a simple way to create an amazing shelf in PowerPoint to mount your picture.

Here is an example of what you can do after going through this tutorial:

Showcasing images in PowerPoint:

Step 1: Draw the base shape

Use ‘Rectangle’ tool in Auto shapes menu to draw a long rectangle.

Long Rectangle Right click on the rectangle -> Format shape -> 3D rotation and enter the value of 274.6° for Y axis. You will get the following result:

Add 3D Rotation  In the same ‘Format Shape’ pane – Click on 3D format -> Bevel -> Top -> Circle. Increase the ‘Depth’ to 25pt. You will get a rectangular block with 3D perspective as shown here:

Add 3D Format Go to ‘Lighting’ option in the same pane and change it to ‘Balance’.

Lighting Setting

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Step 2: Add the texture

Select the shape. Click on the drop down tab of ‘Shape Fill’ and go to Textures. Select ‘Oak’ option:

Add Wooden Texture Remove outline. The shelf looks like this:

Shelf for displaying Images

Step 3: Add shadow Effect

Draw a Trapezoid using Auto shapes menu. Fill it with grey color and add ’10 point’ soft edge to the shape.

Add Shadow When you send this shape ‘back’ you get the following result:

Final Shelf Now, you can mount any shape or image in PowerPoint to suit your need:

Product Images in PowerPoint You can also showcase a picture on the shelf:

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Variations for showcasing Images:

We wish to show you some interesting variations of the diagram from our readymade PowerPoint charts collection called ‘CEO Pack 2’. The pack has more than 815 premium PowerPoint charts and diagrams to make your business slides remarkable.

Multiple Product Showcase

Multiple Product Showcase from PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

Showcasing Product Pack Shot:

Showcase product pack shot from CEO Pack 2

Source: Marketing Templates from CEO Pack 2

Product displayed on a Platform:

Product displayed on a Platform

Product Image in PowerPoint placed on a dais:

Product Image in PowerPoint from CEO Pack 2

Source: Marketing Templates from CEO Pack 2

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