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Get inspired to create an info graphic instead of the usual bar and pie charts in your next business presentation. Find two useful sources from where you can get your inspiration from.

Context :

Most of us can’t think beyond the usual bar and pie charts to represent our data. So, our numerical presentations end up being fairly dry and uninspiring. But, if we look around us with enough curiosity, we can find some interesting new ways to represent our numbers in a business presentation. Such creative and visual expression of information is called infographic.

Are you willing to spend that little extra time to make your presentation remarkable using info graphics? If yes, this article is for you.

Where to find your source of inspiration for creative Graphics?

We create presentations and diagram templates for our living and we find all our inspiration from two sources. One is – nature. The other is – common everyday icons we see on television or on roadside. Let me explain this a bit more…

1. Inspiration from Nature:

Nature gives enough examples to represent a relationship. Whether you want to represent stage wise growth or sudden transformation – you will find a suitable example from nature to serve as an analogy. You can represent cause and effect, competition, division, merger or any corporate concept by drawing a suitable analogy from nature. So, to add some spark to your presentation, take a peek out of your office window.

Here is an example of data presentation using a potted plant as analogy:

A plant naturally lends itself to represent growth. Interesting point is – the angle of leaves on a plant can serve as a subtle cue to indicate growth, stagnation or fall. Take a look at the following example:

Plant Info Graphic

The slide is about the change in performance of 6 products in a month. Leaves turning upwards indicate growth from the previous month. Leaves turning downwards indicate fall in performance.

If your presentation is about nature based products, the analogy fits perfectly. Even if you are making a serious presentation, not related to nature, here are a couple of creative graphs you can still use:

Here is another example taken from nature and made into a data-driven chart:

<Conditional Iceberg Chart from Visual Graphs Pack

Conditional Iceberg chart Showing Values Above Benchmark

Another Example: Butterfly Charts from Graphs Pack

Butterfly Charts

2. Inspiration from common icons:

The other day, when I was watching a weather report on television, I saw them using interesting icons to indicate different weather conditions around the country. The report followed an update onstock market analysis for the past 5 months in a sector. My mind naturally raced to connect the two. Here is the result:

 Market Trend Infographic

The same weather icons made so much sense in explaining the story of stock market recovery. I could add relevant numbers to make the message even clearer.

Data-Driven Smiles & Worries Chart Using Icons from Graphs Pack
Smiles and Worries Chart Based on Performance against Target

Data-Driven Pending Work Pictograph from Graphs Pack< <Pending Work

Inference from these examples:

The next time you make your bar or pie chart, stop for a second and think about how you can convey the same idea in a different way. It not only makes your presentation look more interesting, but also makes your message more memorable.

The sample templates showcasing our creativity in idea conceptualization are taken from Visual PowerPoint Graphs Pack. This pack has over 320+ templates you can use easily.

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