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Create amazing PowerPoint Info graphic using Pencil icon. Follow our simple step by step instruction to create this useful diagram.

The Infographic you’ll learn to create is:

 Infographic PowerPoint

 Where to use Info graphics in PowerPoint?

You use them when you want to represent your information in a creative and visual way. They make your message memorable and effective. Most information-oriented graphics are created by repeating or resizing basic elements related to the subject. In the example above, we showed the amount of investment made in primary education, with a simple pencil icon shown here:

Pencil Icon
In this article, we will learn how to create the pencil icon first and see how we can resize the icon to represent our information. Since the icon is useful for representing a number of common concepts, the tutorial will be useful for you in your business presentations.

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Let us build the pencil icon from bottom up in a step by step way.

Step 1: Draw the eraser at the base:

Go to Auto shapes -> Rectangles -> select ‘Round Same Side Corner Rectangle’ tool.

Round Same Side Rectangle Menu

Draw the shape, turn it over by using Align> Rotate> Flip Horizontal option and fill it with a color of your choice:

Fill Color Base Pencil

Step 2: Draw the metal ring

Use Rectangle tool from Auto shapes menu to draw a rectangle along the top edge of the eraser you just created. Right click on the shape; go to Fill -> Gradient Fill -> Preset colors -> Chrome II.

Chrome Gradient Fill

The result will be as follows:

Base of Pencil Graphic

Step 3: Draw the body of the pencil

Again select the ‘Rounded same Side Corner Rectangle’ tool as we did in the first step. Then, pull in the diamond handles till you have a nice curve and increase the height of the PowerPoint Shape.

Diamond Handle for Pencil

Draw three vertical bars along the top edge of the metal ring. Make sure that the top edges of the bars are fully rounded. Leave no gap between the bars as shown here:

Pencil Holder Infographic

Remove the outlines with Right Click> Format Shape> Line Color> No Line  and Fill Color for the three bars with the same color, but with increasing intensity as follows:

Fill Color Gradients

The result of the fill color will be as follows:

Pencil Holder Info graphic Red

Step 4: Draw the wooden tip

Go to Auto shapes menu, choose ‘Trapezoid’ shape.

Trapezoid Shape in menu

Draw the shape on top of the body. Fill it with appropriate color and send it back:

Fill Color for Pencil Wood

Step 5: Draw the lead

Finally, go to Auto shapes menu, select ‘Triangle’ shape.  Make a small triangle; fill it with ‘black’ color and place it on top of the trapezoid shape. Your pencil icon is ready.

Pencil Icon

Resizing the icon to create the infographic:

To create pencils of varying height, you just need to extend or reduce the length of the pencil’s body, while keeping the top and bottom portions constant. It is easier to vary the lengths of the three bars by grouping them together ( Ctrl+ G).

Once you draw as many pencils as the information you want to represent, write the labels to make the numbers obvious:

PowerPoint Infographic

We drew thin grid lines in the background to give the feeling of a sheet from a student’s notebook.

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Variations of infographics in PowerPoint:

We wish to show you some interesting options in our data-driven graphs collection to give you an idea of how you can represent your data in an interesting and memorable way with diagrammatic graphs.

These Graph Templates are part of our ‘320+ Visual PowerPoint Graphs Pack.

Data-Driven Bottle Infographic

Bottle Infogrpahic

Pills Pictogram from Graphs Pack

Pill Pictogram from Graphs Pack

Source: Pictographs from Visual PowerPoint Graphs Pack

Data-Driven Hand Drawn Min Max Column Chart

Hand Drawn Column ChartsSource: Hand-Drawn Charts from Graphs Pack

All the 320+ graph templates in our CEO pack are data-driven using the regular worksheet function in PowerPoint. With tons of creative ideas and stunning graphs, the pack will help you make a lasting impression in your audience’s mind. If you are a business presenter, we urge you to take a look at our graphs gallery here >>

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