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Insurance Company Presentation – Org Chart Slide Makeover

In this post, we'll makeover a org chart slide used commonly in company presentation into an attractive and powerful slide. The example we will use is from the Insurance industry. 


Industry: Insurance Industry

Presentation Type: Company Slide

Type of Slide: Org Chart

Here is the original slide introducing the top team:

This slide just uses a list of points. Let us try and make this slide more engaging and visual by adding relevant images of the team.

Before selecting a template to use, we set the...

Criteria for Org Chart Slide Makeover:

We wanted a slide with the following features:

  • check
    PowerPoint template that shows the details of atleast 4 people
  • check
    A template with space for sharing images of the top team

We selected a PowerPoint template that meets this criteria from the Comprehensive All In One Bundle.  Here is the team introduction template we used for the makeover:

Steps to makeover the slide:

  • 1
    Insert the selected template into the main presentation
  • 2
    Copy the descriptive text from the original slide. Break it up so it is readable.
  • 3
    Find and save the images of the top team. Insert the images into the image placeholder area on the org chart slide.

The professional team introduction slide is ready in just a few minutes!

Here is the Slide after makeover:

Looks beautiful, doesn't it? The PowerPoint template also has inbuilt animation and that makes it easy to share the details of the team one by one.

If we compare the original slide and the made over slide, we can see the difference...

Before and After Slides:

PowerPoint Insurance Company Top Team Slide Makeover

The presenter would also feel a lot more confident presenting the new slide!  

Creating high quality diagrams takes a lot of time and effort. If you are a busy presenter who can’t afford to invest the time required to create high quality business slides, we have an elegant solution for you.

We recommend you take a look at our  Comprehensive All in One Bundle

Here are some alternate template options you can to makeover this same slide:

Animated Team Introduction

Animated Photos Slide

Simple Team Introduction

Team intro without photos

4 Labelled Points

Please browse through the Comprehensive Bundle and see how the diagram templates change the way you create your business presentations forever.

Hope you found some inspiration to makeover your slides today! 

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