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Picture and Text Layout in PowerPointLearn to create a simple layout with image and text layout in PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful layout for your business presentations.

The Picture and Text Layout in PowerPoint you’ll learn to create:

Example of Picture and Text Layout in PowerPoint You can use this layout…

  • In Product presentations to show pictures of different features and their associated explanations
  • In Tourism presentations to show different places and their historical importance
  • As presentation agenda to give a glimpse of what you are about to cover in your presentation

Let us learn to create the layout from scratch.

Step 1: Create the base layout

The layout consists of three parts:

  1. The pictures on the top half of the slide
  2. The text on the bottom half of the slide and
  3. The middle bar which holds the title text

First, go to auto shapes menu and pick the rectangle tool to create the middle bar. Then, pick the ‘Round Same Side Corner Rectangle’ tool to create the shape to hold the picture. Make a copy of the shape and flip it vertically to create the text placeholder as shown below:

Basic Layout of text boxes in PowerPoint Make copies of the shapes, align and distribute them evenly as shown below:

Picture and Text for Tutorial Now, the base layout is ready.

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Step 2: Fill the shapes

To insert pictures, click on the first shape in the top half and go to Shape Fill -> Picture -> Choose the picture you want to fill in. Continue the same for the rest of the images. The result will be:

Insert Pictures in PowerPoint Fill the middle bar and the text placeholders with a color gradient of your choice.

Adding Color to Layout When you enter relevant text, you get the finished picture and text layout in PowerPoint.

Once you understand the base technique, you can come up with your own creative variations. Here are some variations of the picture and text layouts taken from our ‘PowerPoint Graphics and Concepts CEO Pack 2’.

This template is about displaying and highlighting different product images or pack shots.

PowerPoint PIcture Layout from Marketing Section of CEO Pack 2

Source: Marketing Concepts PowerPoint CEO Pack 2

You can also use creative templates like movie or filmstrip type templates to display your photos and add text below them, like this:

PowerPoint 3D Movie layout from CEO Pack 2 Use can use images as analogy or metaphors like we did with this Window of opportunity template with pictures from CEO Pack 2:

Window of opportunity from CEO pack 2 Professional slide layouts can make your presentations look professional. However, it takes a lot of time and effort to create high quality slides from scratch. That is why we came up with our CEO Packs.

Browse PowerPoint Graphics and Concepts CEO pack 2

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