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Find three useful tips for your PowerPoint line graphs. Follow our simple instructions to get more out of your line charts.

A typical Line chart in PowerPoint is boring:

A line chart is usually just a dull and boring way to represent trend over time. A typical line chart looks like this:

Typical Line chart in PowerPointIn this article we will explore three simple ways to add some spice to your line charts and make them look more interesting. We will try to improve the chart given above.

Make your lines smooth

It is possible to make the lines in your line chart curved and smooth instead of being rough and rigid.To do this…

Right click on one of the lines and go to ‘Format Data Series’ option. Go to ‘Line style’ and put a check mark on the box next to ‘smoothed line’.

Smoothed Line MenuSee your straight line transform into curved and smooth line as shown here:

Curved Line Chart TemplateYou can see 5 exciting line graph template ideas here >>

Differentiate a certain segment of the line

Let us say, we know the sales performance only for the first three months of the year. The figures for April are just projections. We can differentiate the lines for March to April by using dotted lines. Take a look at this example:

Dotted Line Chart SegmentTo do this, click on the chart and go to Format Data Series. Click on the point for April twice. The first time you click on a line, you select the entire data series. The next time you click on a point, you select only that data point.

Go to ‘Line style’ and select ‘Dash type’ as ‘Dash’.

Setting Dashed Line StyleThus, you make your information easy to understand visually in your Line Chart in PowerPoint.

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Change the style of your lines

Sometimes when you want to explain your performance story in stages, it helps to have your specific data differentiated clearly, not only by the color but also by the line style. It is possible to make your lines appear like a series of arrows along the timeline. Take a look at the following example:

Changed Line Style of GraphsTo achieve this effect right click on the line and go to ‘Format Data Series’ option. Click on the line you want to differentiate and go to Line style. Change the Beginning and End type and size as shown here:

Menu for Formatting Line Chart StyleThus you can make your line charts look more interesting than usual.

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