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LinkedIn Provides a large network of professionals. This presentation shows how business users can take advantage of the LinkedIn Groups to generate leads for business.

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Presentation Transcript

Using LinkedIn® Groups for business
LinkedIn has many advantages for a business user…
Helps you reach other professionals. It is not just about staying in touch with friends or sharing personal thoughts
1. Large professional network
100 million members in March 2011*

2. Appears High in search rankings
If people are looking for you, they will find your LinkedIn profile at the top of the search page

3. Active group discussions on a range of topics

Groups help to showcase and ADD to your knowledge
Learn from thought-provoking questions
Give and get insightful answers with group discussions
But, its not just enough to join LinkedIn and set up a profile

Here is how you can make it work for you…
Getting the most out of LinkedIn groups

  1. Set up professional profile
  2. Join appropriate groups
  3. Participate and Network

1. Set up a professional profile
Your profile description with “Short introduction about you”
Makes the interaction personal. A professional photo gets better response.
This is what other LinkedIn members see first when they search for your profile or visit your profile.


  • Ask for and display recommendations
  • Add URL of your blog/ company in profile
  • Add your Slideshare , Twitter Links
  • Post a status update. The latest one is shown against your profile.

2. Join Appropriate Groups
Search for a Linkedin Group
Or Create Your Own
Some groups are open. You can join them immediately. Others need approval of the owner and it may take a couple of days
Some points to note:

  • Read some discussions and check if they are in line with your business
  • Join a few groups for the topics related to your business
  • Evaluate groups by date of last discussion and number of members
  • Stay active in 1 group for each topic of interest. Drop the rest.

3. Participate in discussions
Answer questions in discussions to share your knowledge.
Track responses with the automatic email updates.
Stay away from attacking a person’s beliefs. Don’t get involved in off-topic discussions. I have seen discussions in a group die after an open fight between 2 members.

Ask questions and initiate discussions.
If your question is selected as Manager’s Choice, your question is highlighted and sent as part of email updates for the group.
Share links (occasionally) to…

  • Your Blog or Articles
  • Your Presentations or Videos
  • Events or seminars
  • Other appropriate resources

‘Add’ active members with whom you interact as contacts and accept invites. ‘Follow’ people whose discussions are insightful. You will receive emails when they post in the group.
What this leads to…

  • Get Queries : Potential customers are found in these forums. They may add you as a contact or contact you through In-mail
  • Network: You get to network with professionals in your industry or area and find business opportunities
  • Pitch services : People looking for a service may post on the groups. You get to pitch your service directly to those who need it

P.S. Some other tools to promote your business on LinkedIn:

  • Set up company profile so people can follow updates
  • Answer questions and be tagged as an expert
  • Announce and share your events
  • Run targeted ads (like Google AdWords)

Disclaimer: LinkedIn and its logo are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Linkedin in the United States and/or other countries. All thoughts are of the author and not subscribed to or endorsed by Linkedin in any way

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