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Is there any way to make a PowerPoint presentation to run as a screen saver?

I have made a PowerPoint presentation. I want to run this as a screen saver. Is it possible to do this? What is the way?

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Oct 24, 2011PowerPoint to Screensaverby: Presentation Process Expert When you have a PowerPoint slide deck that makes an important point for your organization or contains personal photos, you may want to create a screensaver. It will help keep the point reinforced or the memory at the top of mind. There are 2 simple ways of doing this conversion from PowerPoint to Screensaver.1. Free and simple way:

Save your PowerPoint file as images. This is done by going to the ‘Save as’ option and and selecting the ‘File Type’ as JPG or PNG.

All the slides will save into a folder as an image.

Now open up these images in Picasa ( free photo editing software from Google) and then select the option as ‘Create’ > ‘Add to Screensaver’.

This will create a screensaver with your slide images.

Now you can share your file with others or set it as your desktop screensaver.

Picasa Link to download

2. Paid Option

If you are looking for a more sophisticated option, there are converter software like Flashpoint.

They fit into PowerPoint to convert your files into various formats like Flash. The options are provided right in PowerPoint itself.

Flashpoint Link is one such software.

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