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Marketing Concepts: Product Display

Marketing Concepts: Product Display

You can replace the images above with your own product shots.

Description: Here is a set of 54 different marketing concept templates in PowerPoint. Some of the concepts you can depict using the templates are: showcasing of product pack shot, conversion process, sales pyramid, sales funnel, filtration process, components of marketing mix, components of customer proposition, aligning to customer needs, market segmentation, collecting information, idea evolution, gambling with marketing investment, ways to enter a market, brand leadership, standing out from the rest etc.

There are layout templates for bill board promotion, mobile promotion, internet marketing, television and radio promotion etc. There are visual elements like sliders and tachometers too.

Editable Product Display Shelf

More Shelves to Showcase Product shot

More Shelves to Showcase Product shot

Product Pack shot Display Cases

Product Packshot Display Cases

3D Stand and Steps for Showcase

3D Stand for Showcase3D Stepsfor Showcase

Key Benefit Showcase

More Key Factors Display Cases

More Key Factors Display Cases

Process of Conversion

Process of Conversion

Funnel | Pyramid showing Stages of Sales

Funnel showing Stages of SalesFunnel | Pyramid showing Stages of Sales

Four Stages of Filtration

Four Stages of Filtration

Transparent Sales Funnel | Front End & Back End Funnel

Front End & Back End Funnel

Packaging Concept

Blocked Sales Funnel | Marketing Concept of Leads to Profits

Blocked Sales Funnel

5 Stage Input Output Process

Animated Creative Marketing Concepts

Animated Creative Marketing Concepts

Alignment to customer needs | Marketing Risk

Alignment to customer needs

Editable Circular Speedometer | Sliders to show customer satisfaction scores and other concepts

Editable Circular Speedometer

Editable Market Segmentation Graph | Target Market Definition

Editable Market Segmentation Graph

Capturing World Market | Metaphor for Idea Evolution

Capturing World Market

Components of Marketing Mix

Ways to Enter the Market | Collecting Information

Collecting Information

Brand Leadership Concept

Being No. 1 | Stand out from the rest

Being No. 1

Editable Shopping Cart

Internet Marketing Concept | Editable Shopping Basket

Internet Marketing Concept  Editable Shopping Basket

Shopping Basket Comparison

Approaching Potential Market | Paid Advertising

Approaching Potential Market

Mobile Advertising Trends

SmartPhone Apps | SMS Advertising

SmartPhone Apps

Advertising on Net | Reaching Customers with Tablet phones

Advertising on Net

Online Marketing Ideas

Online Marketing Ideas

Advertising on Billboards

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