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Data Driven Marketing or Sales Funnel with Details

Marketing or Sales Funnel with Details Description:

A sales funnel chart shows you stages in the sales process. For example, charts showing the number of phone calls needed to get certain number of appointments and how those appointments in turn convert into sales pitches, proposals sent and final closures. You can also use these chart for sales performance analysis and assess effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

You can use the funnel and pyramid charts in sales / marketing presentations where the visual impact is important.

Marketing Funnel Stylized

Marketing Funnel Stylized

Funnel with Layers

Funnel with Layers

Sales Funnel as Bar chart

Bar Chart Showing Sales Funnel

Data-Driven Pictograph

Sales Funnel Pictograph

 Editable Pyramid Chart Stylized

Editable Pyramid Chart

Multi-Layered Pyramid

Pyramid Chart Layered

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