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A Minimal presentation is the art and science of communicating a complex idea in a simple, clear and memorable manner.

You achieve this by following our proprietary Minimal® process.

What is Minimal® process?

Minimal® process is a systematic way of…

  • Identifying and removing the clutter in a communication and
  • Communicating the core message in a simple and visually engaging way

It helps you cut the long hours it takes to prepare your presentation and gives you a sense of confidence when you deliver your message.

A Minimal Presentation starts with the premise that simplicity has power.

  The word: Minimal

Minimal is drawn from the word Minimalism. The word is used    commonly in art and design where the work is stripped down to its    most fundamental features. The core thinking of the discipline is:    Less is more.

A minimalistic design gives an impression of extreme simplicity    where each element serves multiple purposes.

We will use the same principles in creating Minimal presentations.

When you cut the clutter clarity emerges

Most presenters shroud their core 20% message with 80% clutter. This forces them to spread the precious audience attention over a wide range of irrelevant information.

Eight Twenty Principle
By identifying and cutting the clutter, you automatically draw your audience attention to the core 20% message. Thus, you not only get the time to present your core message with more impact, but also make your message more memorable.

Minimal approach changes the way you think and present your ideas.

Let us understand Minimal approach with an example:

This is how a typical presentation slide appears.

Cluttered Slide
In this slide, the presenter wants to draw the attention of the audience to the market opportunity available for their drug.

While the core idea is to highlight the 25% gap, the attention of the audience is wasted on the remaining irrelevant statistics.

Consider this alternative slide:

Minimal Slide
The same idea is presented with lot more clarity. The presenter gets the opportunity to talk about the ways to capture the market, rather than wasting the time on explaining the chart to the audience.

This is Minimal thinking.

It helps the audience to focus on what matters and thus remember the message far longer.

Going Forward…

In this site and in the Powerful Presentations Training Video, we will show you how to make Minimal® presentations in a step-by-step way.

You can take the first step by understanding how to create a strong presentation outline.

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