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Learn to create vertical mirror image. Go beyond the default options available and explore new possibilities.
 Going beyond the default mirror image in PowerPoint:
PowerPoint provides you the option of applying ‘reflection’ to images and text. For example, take a look at the following image:

default mirror reflection in PowerPoint
There is no doubt that ‘Reflection’ tool is useful to enhance visual interest of images on a slide. However, PowerPoint doesn’t provide you an option to reflect mirror images vertically or in any other angle. In this article, we will learn a simple way to overcome this limitation.

Creating Vertical reflection:

Make a copy of the image you want to reflect vertically. Click on the image and go to Arrange -> Rotate -> Reflect vertically. Place the image alongside the original image as shown below:

Creating Vertical MIrror Image EffectThe image on the right doesn’t look like a mirror image yet. So, draw a rectangle of the same size as the image and place it on top of the image and remove outline.

Add Vertical RectangleRight click on the rectangle and go to ‘Format shape’ option. Go to ‘Fill -> Gradient fill -> Presets -> Moss’. This gives you the gradient option with three stops.

Fill Gradient Moss for MIrrorChange the ‘Direction’ of the gradient to ensure that the darkest color of the gradient points to the left of the rectangle as shown below:

After Gradient FillApply the following values to the gradient:

Stop 1: Color – White: Transparency = 0%

Stop 2: Color – White: Transparency = 30%

Stop 3: Color – White: Transparency = 60%

The result will be as follows:

After Setting Transparency for Mirror ImageYou can alter the transparency values and apply bottom reflection to the images as shown below:

MIrror Image in PowerPointRelated: Top 5 tips to get the best out of PowerPoint images

Creative variations:

Once you learn the method, you can experiment with the possibilities. In the following example, we placed a rectangle with 3D perspective to represent a mirror. We changed the object in the mirror to represent the concept of ‘Hope’:
Mirror Image showing concept of Hope from CEO Pack 2

Source: Concepts from PowerPoint Graphics CEO Pack 2

Here is another variation of the idea:

MIrror Reflection concept from CEO pack 2Thus, once you learn the technique you can unleash your creativity to come up with your own variations.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create professional looking graphics as shown in the examples above. If you are a busy business presenter who doesn’t have the time to create such high quality graphics for yourself, we have a solution for you. We recommend you take a look at our ‘PowerPoint Graphics and Concepts CEO pack 2‘ from which these examples are taken.

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