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Learn to create Mobius triangle Diagram in PowerPoint. Follow our simple step by step instructions to create this useful diagram for your business presentations.

What is a Mobius strip diagram?
It is a diagram commonly used by consultants in their strategic presentations. The strip represents a never ending loop, usually with three sides. Here is a diagram template with Mobius loop:

Mobius Strip ExampleYou can use the diagram to represent three mutually reinforcing factors or three values that define your vision etc.

Let us learn to create the diagram in a step by step way in PowerPoint.

1. Create the base triangle:

The first step is to draw a triangle using the ‘triangle tool’ from auto shapes menu. Make sure that you hold the Shift tab while drawing the triangle. This ensures that all the three sides of the triangle are equal.

Once done, draw straight lines that connect the corners of the triangle to the middle of the opposite edges as shown below:

Triangle Base for Mobius Loop2. Place a circle in the middle

Draw a circle using the ‘oval tool’ from auto shapes menu. Hold the Shift tab while drawing the circle. Once done, draw two straight lines that cross at the center.

Then, place this PowerPoint circle over the earlier triangle in such a way that the center points coincide as shown below:

Circle for Creating Mobius Diagram

3. Create the triangle with curved corners

Delete all the connecting lines and fill the two shapes in different colors.

Select both the shapes and press the ‘Shape Intersect’ option to get a triangle with curved corners as follows:

Shape Intersect for TriangleIf you are not sure how to get the Shape Intersect option, please check the video and tutorial for Quick Access tool bar.

4. Cut out a strip

We need a strip that has two rounded corners. We will use a rectangle and ‘shape subtract’ tool to cut out the strip from our rounded triangle.

Draw a rectangle using ‘Rectangle tool’ from the auto shapes menu. Right click on the rectangle -> Go to ‘Size and Position’ -> Rotation -> 120°. Place it on the rounded triangle. Ensure that you leave the two rounded corners.

Now, select the rounded triangle first and then the rectangle. Select ‘Shape subtract’ option. You will get the rounded part for Mobius strip as follows:

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5. Finish the loop

Make three copies of the final shape. Arrange them at 60° angles to form a triangle. Use drop shadows to give the illusion of strips folding one above the other. Write your text on the strip and your diagram is ready:

Finish the Mobius LoopVariations of the diagram with Mobius loop:

Once you have the base loop, you can create your own variations. Here are some options that are available as part of PowerPoint Graphics, Concepts & Models CEO Pack 2. The pack has 815+ fully editable charts designed for business presenters .

Relationship Diagram from CEO Pack 2

Mobius Strip Example from CEO Pack 2

Relationship Diagram from CEO Pack 2

Mobius Square and Other Relationship Diagrams from CEO Pack 2

Mobius Strip is just one of the many diagrams needed by business presenters. As you can see, it takes a lot of effort to create these diagrams from the scratch. If you are like most business presenters, you don’t have the time to create these diagrams every time.

That is why we created the ‘PowerPoint Charts Graphics & Concepts pack for CEOs’. We did all the hard work for you, so you can spend your time thinking about the content rather than creating your graphics from the scratch.

Please browse through our business diagram templates from the pack and see how the CEO packs can change the way you create your business presentations forever.

All you need is to copy our diagrams from the pack to your slide deck and replace sample text. Your professional presentations get ready in minutes.

You can find more related tutorials and articles at Presentation Process.

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