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Create stunning effects by combining multiple PowerPoint custom animations. Learn to create snowball effect in PowerPoint and download the pptx file with animation for free.

The snowball effect you’ll learn to create is as follows:

The effect showcases the power of combining multiple animations. You can use this concept slide in any of your business presentations. You will find a link to download this PPTX slide later in the tutorial.

The power of combining multiple PowerPoint animation effects:

Using the right animation in PowerPoint diagrams helps you convey your message with impact. You can see the value of custom animations in building information here.

Here are some examples to highlight the effectiveness of combining animations in a presentation slide. These diagram templates are part of the PowerPoint Charts and Diagrams CEO Pack Volume 1.

Four factors adding to the database:
We used multiple ‘fly in’ animations to achieve the effect you see in this PowerPoint template. The template animations are useful to show how 4 factors or processes add to a database:

Source: Extreme Custom Animation Templates from CEO Pack 1

One step contributing to the other in a process:

Please view the animation below to see the power of multiple ‘fly in’ animations with ‘delay’.
Four interdependent steps:

Source: Process Flows from PowerPoint CEO Pack 1

Each step comes on click. So the presenter will have the time to explain the steps in detail. The impact is achieved by using multiple ‘fly in’ animations.

Visiting one step at a time:

Using multiple motion paths can be useful to achieve impact like this:

stage-wise-4-step-process-flow-animatedSource: Extreme Custom Animation Templates from CEO Pack 1

Now that you saw the power of combining animations, we wish to show you can see…

The PowerPoint Tutorial to create snowball effect with multiple animations:

The following screenshot explains the method.

create snowball effect Step 1: Create the cliff

We used the ‘scribble’ tool in auto shapes menu to create the cliff. The tool helps you get the rough surface much better than ‘curve’ tool or ‘free form’ tool. We filled the shape with black.

Step 2: Create the snowball

We added a circle and filled it with gradient. We set the fill direction be ‘radial’ and used shades of grey to achieve the snowball look.

Step 3: Add animations

We then combined three custom animations as shown in the screenshot above:

  1. We used ‘custom motion path’ tool to match the ups and downs of the cliff
  2. We let the ball spin as it rolls down, by using ‘spin’ animation
  3. We let the ball grow in size simultaneously by using ‘Grow/Shrink’ animation. We let it grow to 300%.

We made all the three animations happen at the same time by using ‘with previous’ option.

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Download the Snowball Animation Effect PowerPoint

You can download the PowerPoint slide containing the snowball effect here. Just Right Click on the button below and select the Save As option to save it to your desktop.

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