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New PowerPoint Morph Features (3 Part Video Series)

Learn more about how to use the New PowerPoint Morph Features with this 3 part video series. PowerPoint 365 has released new additions to make Morph Transitions more exciting and interesting.

The Morph Transition effect is available in PowerPoint for Office 365 and in latest versions like PowerPoint 2019. If you use an earlier version of PowerPoint, this effect is not available. 

#1 Morph Bullet Point List

Learn how to create an interesting effect with a list of points using Morph Transition effect.
Use this effect to keep your audience engaged as you speak!

#2 Shape and Photo Morph 

Morph a Shape Icon or Picture with this new feature & tell your story! 
This video covers:
1. How to set up the new features in Office 365
2. How to add morph transition for shapes with Yellow Handles
3. How to add morph transition for shapes without Yellow Handles
4. How to morph icons and pictures with this new feature
5. The reason why you Morph option may not work properly ( Fade instead of a dynamic morph)
6. How to add PowerPoint Morph transitions to photos

#3 How to Morph Icons

Use the new features available in PowerPoint 365 and PowerPoint 2019 to create interesting morph transition effects for your icons.

This video covers:
1. How to go beyond the regular Morph Transition to create a more realistic transformation effect.
2 Limitations of this type of transition effect

If you found these creative morph transition ideas useful, do share with your friends. 

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