Overcoming Problems

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Bridge for Overcoming Problems

Bridge for Overcoming Problems

Description: These set of concept diagram templates are modeled around the theme of overcoming problems. The concepts you can depict using the templates in this pack are: crossing the troubles, bridging the gap, inefficient solution, temporary solution, crossing the benchmark, killing a problem, cutting the Gordian knot, finding a solution, components of a combined solution, finding the right solution and cracking a problem.

Bridging the gap

Bridging the gap

Temporary & Inefficient Solution Concept

Crossing Benchmark | Killing a Problem

Crossing Benchmark

Cut the Knotty Problem | Solve the Issue

Cut the Knotty Problem

Throwing Light on 3 Solutions

Finding the Solution | Components of a Solution

Finding the Solution

Overcoming Problems – Puzzle Metaphor

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Business Concepts

Business Concepts

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