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Data-Driven Bottle Infographic

Bottle Infogrpahic

Description:  Interesting Pictographs are used as metaphors to represent data including pencil graphic, pills graphics etc. to use in a range of industries and situations like healthcare, real estate, education etc. These easy to use graphs are fully data-driven.

Abacus Style Chart

Abacus Style Graph

Stacked Coins Info graphic

Stacked Coins Infographic

Pencil Infographic (with data being edited in worksheet)

Pictogram of Pencil

Data-Driven Performance Glass Jars

Performance in Glass Jars

Pills or Tablets Infographic

Pictogram of pillsDisc or Tablet Info Graphic

Building / Apartment Pictographs

Building Pictogram

Placards showing Variability

Placards showing Variability

Apartment Pictogram

Performance Race

Performance Race

Pending Work shown in graph

Pending Work

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